We are all a masterpiece in progress...

Millions of women around the world suit themselves up in a mask to be reviewed by the world EVERYday.  We start masking with a fabulous personality, then graduate to hiding behind a job, a title, really good makeup, working our way into using the role of wife and mother as full body camouflage and eventually creating a complete barricade with the flag of our faith.  

Whatever it takes to ensure that what the world sees is in way better shape than all the hidden truths of our reality: sadness, confusion, anxiety, rejection, anger, fear, depression, loneliness, lack of motivation, let alone purpose...oh, how I could go on.  As it miraculously turns out, that is exactly where our power our vulnerability, in our brokenness, in our courage to proclaim (as boldly as Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) “I’m not ok...and that’s OK!”  

our founder

Jo Rivera

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Jo Rivera (aka Joey)

chief storyteller

Professionally invested in the economic revitalization of historic communities for the last 22 years, Jo's personal passion plays out as the founder and chief storyteller of The Infuse Project, a 501c3 connecting women from all walks of life through the power of collective storytelling.

Paying her bills as a freelance copy/content writer...Jo enjoys throwing spontaneous dance parties, loves the smell of old books mixed with freshly brewed coffee, and is on a mission to discover the untold stories of women along America's backroads... while driving with her sunroof open.

She works from her kitchen, community/civic centers, the gym, city park, library, airplane, mall, shelter, the carpool lane, church parking lot, best friends living room or anyplace else with good WiFi and currently resides in Central Florida with her dog Wrigz.

**Looking for an inspired call to action, book Jo Rivera for your group or event.**

Viva La Revolucion!

© 2014 The Infuse Project is a 501c3 Not for Profit Organization

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