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A Fresh Look for Spring

Whoooo hoooo...its March Madness Day!! Today is the day we put all of our intentions for 2020 back in focus. Today is the day we hit resest on the failed resolutions and get serious about living a healthy & sustainable life...AND the first day of our #MarchMakeover!

Over the next 30 days we will share tips, tricks and stories of living a life we can be proud of. To kick start our journey, I wanted to offer something VERY special to this VERY special tribe...

When you make a purchase from Infuse to support YOUR makeover efforts, you are also supporting our ability to bring self-care & success strategies to those far less fortunate than you and I AND with Spring just around the corner, there is no better time to welcome the healing power of natures best to your life, home & family.

Soooo, every single person who purchases a starter kit from Infuse...will be entered to win (drum roll please....) this stunning, handcrafted spalted maple and walnut organization box for all of your new goodies. It is one of the few pieces of art my father left behind and I want to share it with you 🌷🌷🌷

*Be sure to use this link to place your order and be entered to win today, then turn your notifications on so you never miss an opportunity be loved on, share in our adventures or learn about your new oily arsenal*

The Infuse Project is proud to be a distributing partner of Young Living. Click here for more information or to start your journey back to health today :)

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