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Are You A Bully

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Agggghhhhh, why is this one SO freaking hard?! It’s just a simple little challenge that will take less than five minutes to complete, it could really help a bunch of people and frankly you’ve been doing this everyday for nine days already. You really should be used to it by now, Joey and NOW...everyone you promised would have this in their email this morning is stuck waiting on you. You have made such a big deal about keeping the promises you made and here iit is 9:15AM and you don’t even have this written yet! The more I think about this, the worse I am feeling about this entire journey you have embarked on. What were you thinking, putting yourself all out there...and in your pajamas, with that hair! Good glory bejesus girl, what are you doing with your life? She says to herself as her nails hit the keyboard this morning…

I bet that even as you read that, you were sending me nuggets of encouragement in your head, at the very least thinking “now girl, it is not that serious”, right? Right. Therein lies the challenge: we are so much better at encouraging others, then we are encouraging ourselves. So today, our challenge is to acknowledge how we talk to ourselves and then give ourselves the personal pep talk of a lifetime!

John Maxwell says, “The most important person you ever talk to is yourself, be careful what you say.” Yeah, I’ll let you have a second to process that one...ouch. To add insult to injury, after reading that, we are all now 100% accountable for the things we say to ourselves. BECAUSE, the conversations we have with ourselves (and other people of course, but today is about us - just us) can be either destructive or beneficial - OUR CHOICE. Yes, you are welcome...I mean, I am so sorry.

Self-talk is a powerful tool and we are already using it, so if we want to be “better”, than shouldn’t we learn how to use it correctly? I mean for some of us this may come super naturally. For some of us, this might actually feel like running for the slip and and slide only to discover it is actually sandpaper! Ok, maybe that is just me...but for most of you, this process will fall somewhere in the middle and with practice, it will become more natural to think good thoughts than bad ones.


  • Is the script we use to frame our lives

  • Affects our perception of the world around us

  • Can not control what is happening, but it sure can control how we handle it.

So hyper aware of how you talk to yourself. Are you supportive, are you hyper critical, are you a bully? Whether this is easy or stupid hard for you (like it was for me) it is SO worth it! And as I stated in the video if you have the courage to attack this dead on, I have created a worksheet that you can personalize and pep-talk the junk out of yourself. If bravery is something you desire to step into, I welcome you to film it and post it here. Take back your power over this challenge...I dare you.

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1 Comment

I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

It's true.

It's really, really true.

Overcomers must have something to overcome.

Big things. Terrible things. Awful things to horrible to mention.

No one wants to share what we are up against during the time of battle.

Too Hard. Too painful. Too much wasted time. Gotta gotta, focus on the victory.

Out of slavery. Not yet in the Promised Land.

Learning to rule and reign over our own personal "Egyptian Ways" is hard by Divine Design.

Just ask David.

Just ask Jesus.

Just ask Jo.

Little by little, He's making us--perfecting us-- into His Image.

Amazing, huh? But true. Oh-so-true.

We really can do ALL things through Christ Jesus…

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