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Creativity Unleashed

C’mon creative juices...

momma needs to write!

We all have that one friend who has the craft room that would put Beyonce’s closet to shame, or always has frequent flyer miles at Hobby Lobby, or makes everything look immediately better with just a wave of their magic wand...yeah, I’m not that friend. Matter of fact, if you asked me, I would actually not say I was very creative at all. Just the thought of having to “create” something out of hot glue and baubles make me break out in hives. So, today’s challenge is really a challenge for me.

Today, our goal is to BE CREATIVE! (As if I had to yell in order to accept the challenge ahead) Now many of you, I know, are super stoked about this one. This is totally in your wheelhouse, you had fifteen ideas running through your brain before I even finished typing this sentence. Good on you. Maybe this is the day you finally finish that project or try that new thing you saw on Pinterest. Or maybe, you call your uncreative friend (who, if they are anything like me are probably already balled up into a corner crying for their mother) and do a project together.

I have one precious friend who everytime she comes over she brings “a craft for us to do”. We have painted by number, poked holes in a rubber head and created some sort of Ferbie looking creature, glued things and applied pink glitter. I still freak out EVERYtime! She says she is trying to capture my attention, I think she thinks it’s funny. In researching for this article, turns out...she’s brilliant!

Did you know the word “create” means to make, produce, or grow? The truth is we already do this everyday...and we should! We were literally created to, yep, create. Unleashing our creative juices:

  • Keeps our brain healthy

  • Decreases negative emotions

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Makes us more adaptable

  • Expands our awareness

  • Allows us to focus

  • Helps us solve problems

  • Allows us to discover new things

Sounds like something we should totally be into, then. The question is, how? If you already know your creative outlet, you go girl...big air-five! I can’t wait to see what you create today, make sure you post a picture in the comments below. BUT for those of us, forcefully dipping our toe into the river of creativity, watch my video for some simple ideas to get you started...then tell us how you conquered your fear of the craft aisle and went for it today. You got this!

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