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Day 1 - Celebrate

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

30 Days to a Better You - Day 1: Share something you are proud of.

Well that isn’t very exciting is it? Something I’m proud of, that’s kids, my house, my job, blah, blah, blah. What if we removed all that? What if we said that was a given, then what would would you say?

Maya Angelou said, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” How did you become you? Do you even remember? During today’s challenge it is important that we give ourselves permission to feel uber amounts of joy and satisfaction over the jobs well done in our life - no matter how small.

Maybe, today we are proud of the fact that we got dressed or opened this email or even just got outta bed at all. Sometimes, that alone is worthy of celebration (and they secretly snap in agreement). So, today we are going to take out our little journal, or a post it note, or a crayon and construction paper, or in sharpie on your mirror, girl...and we are going to celebrate something we are proud of today!

Why...because when we celebrate our wins, not only does it feel good, it also reinforces the behavior we want to show up when faced with a new this one. We have committed to doing something little everyday for 30 days. What better way to start then to get our body feeling the way we want it to feel now: strong, capable, brave, whatever you are reaching for. ‘Sides, The Center for Emotional Resilience (I didn't know that was a thing either) says that people who foster positive emotions experience more happiness, confidence and self-respect. Not to mention, they live longer. Bring on the positive emotions, mama is sporting some dark circles here people! Inc. Magazine says there are 3 exceptionally great benefits to this celebration-fest.

  1. It changes your mind and strengthens your mindset and makes you feel incredible. (Ok, we could probably stop right there, Captain Endorphins) In reality, when we DON’T take the time to celebrate we are robbing our body of an important feeling it needs to drive our success (i.e. motivation). When we DON’T celebrate we are training ourselves that everything we do carries the same weight, making it mundane, everyday, hum drum...I’m losing my motivation just talking about it. When you “lose that loving feeling” for whatever you are doing you are far more likely to feel empty and less focused on your goal.

  2. Celebrating yourself is great, but celebrating yourself with other people is better. - Your personal dance party should be contagious! It makes those around you want to not only celebrate with you, but be with you, work with you, laugh with you, walk life with you. As you share your accomplishments, new ideas are sparked, new windows open, new bonds are made. At the height of celebration you may even feel like Superman (or Wonder Woman, of course).

  3. Winning equals Winning! No way around it, celebration is attractive. You want to build your tribe, start celebrating your wins (celebrate versus bragging, that’s a whole different conversation - just do it in a way that invites people to your party, not repels them).

So let’s do it...make a list of things today that you are proud of and then find a way to celebrate them. Whether it’s crossing it off the list, buying yourself a token or posting it here for your tribe to whoooo-hooo with ya. Challenge Accepted

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1 Comment

Jo, what a great way to start the day--seeing you and your reboot. You look like Drew Barrymore in one of her films! So sweet!

Something I'm proud of --something I've working on for too many years to count. My epic story for kids--the thing that has stopped the entire project from progressing--is nearing completion. Of course, many more hurdles and other challenges but the biggest is being overcome. Yes! Yes! Yes! Can

t wait to see how you bloom and blossom in this butterfly season.

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