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Day 2 - Journal

30 Days to a Better You - Day 2: Start a Journal I have a is 5:03AM and I writing this pre-coffee in an attempt to make our 7:00AM deadline. So, if you are missing the bubbles and pep, just wait a couple of sentences, coffee should be done soon…

I mean I love the idea of this and it IS a best practice to be successful on this challenge, but WHY Lord, why? With so many other things on our plates these days why in the world would it be necessary for me to pick up new habit that makes me sit and think..ain’t nobody got time for that. Let’s see…

Journaling is a good creative outlet (Ok, I’m a writer, this seems kinda uh duh to me), but it can also help us process stuff. Now, I do remember using this method as a teen, especially when working through heartbreak. I actually wonder why I stopped using it? A journal is a great place to brainstorm - I LOVE doing this...get it all out girl, let the ideas just flow!

Problems can find solutions at the end of a pen. Have I ever told you about the Ben Franklin close? That could be a whole ‘nother video, but what a great way to just figure stuff out. I heard that the discipline of regular writing sparks all kinds of fun ideas...umm, how do you think I go this one?

So you aren’t the creative type? Would you believe me if I said I wasn’t either? Honestly, I break out in hives at the thought of arts & crafts, but...I LOVE to track stuff...PAUSE the coffee is ready! (She takes her first sip of the frothy goodness and the world is once again right.)

Ok, for realz, how about tracking your hits and misses at work or logging your current home projects. I know many folks who swear by a prayer journal. Yasssss...track those blessings, girl. Or many lists! There are even lists that help you come up with ideas for more lists! Don’t believe me? I invite you to join me for a personal tour of the wild, wonderful, wacky side of Pinterest. I know a food journal can help you stay on top of things (and she pauses to enter in the last thing she put in her mouth last night), but I wanna hear from somebody smarter than me. Why Forbes Magazine, why should we journal?

  1. Clears your mind - frees up mental space.

  2. It is a destresser, serving as a mental release.

  3. Self-Improvement tool.

  4. Problem solving and information retention.

  5. Facilitates healing - mental, emotional and physical.

Hmmm, that last one is cool. I never really thought that journaling could facilitate so much movement in my life. You? Watch the video above to see how I am committing to leverage this challenge for my personal success...then hop on over to the conversation and tell us how you journal? (She takes another beautiful sip of heaven and says…) If nothing else, what a fun way to document this crazy little journey we have embarked on together. Bring the power of the pen to life in your got this!

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Jul 05, 2018

That is one powerful sentence, you go Val! I think sometimes, it might even just be a word we write on the back of our hand...a lyric we hear in a song...a slogan on a billboard on I-4. Once we capture it, it becomes part of our personal power arsenal! I know Miss Val you are packing an armoury with declarations like that :)


Today I write. Not a lot. One sentence is all I need to start.

I commit my way to you, Oh Lord. My thoughts, my heart, my actions. I submit to You.

It's not much that I write. But it warms my heart. It's the pleasure of our Father that I feel. He is smiling in me.

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