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Expect the Unexpected

If you are a reality TV junkie like I am, Big Brother is likely on your DVR schedule. One main thing I've taken from this unconventional series, expect the unexpected. What this small but powerful statement has taught me, life will always throw you curve balls. You may be prepared for all things possible, but are you really ready for when life makes you pivot. I cannot tell you how many times, I'm screaming "PIVOT" like Ross and Chandler trying to get a couch through a tight stairwell. I even find myself yelling it out loud and expecting anyone hearing me to understand the pun.

I did a huge pivot just over a year ago. If you follow me, you know I packed up every belonging I had, including my two children and relocated to Dallas. Now that is one heck of a pivot. Shortly after the relocation, the main man in our life, Justin moved in with us. Just another pivot not only for me, but for my children as well. We had to quickly learn how to co-habitate. He had to quickly learn how to live with two very stubborn, strong willed teenagers. It was such a significant change for all of us. I would be lying if I said it was all expected, or part of our plan.

Now I sit here, on the patio of the amazing home that we have created, ready to prepare myself for the next unexpected turn. As I have a full time career in real estate, I believe wholeheartedly I would be naive to think that I will forever stay in this happy little Dallas bubble. In Justin's line of work, it's more possible than not for him to get relocated in the next three years. It's part of his world with his employer. It's something that I've had to come to terms with. You want to continue this life with this specific partner, than I will have to be flexible and prepared to pick up and move, even to an unfavorable destination. In most major metros, I can take what I do and apply that. With that said, for example, if we were to be relocated back to our little hometown in the corn of Illinois, my career in real estate will be dead. I could venture into a different line of real estate but if I'm forced to make a change, I might as well venture to fulfilling my passion.

Passion is Energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. ~ Oprah Winfrey

I've been working closely with my "life colleague" Joey and my therapist, turned life coach, Caroline on taking the right steps to living my life with intention. With evaluation, meditation and a crap ton of soul searching, I can confidently say I'm ready to start taking even the smallest steps to starting my own business. I know I have the passion, the self motivation, drive and ambition to make this life worthwhile. Anyone can tell you, even the most successful entrepreneurs, these types of life goals take time, patience and a magnitude of preparation. I have to be honest with myself knowing this will not be an overnight process. There is no genie in a bottle to snap figures and suddenly I'm listed in the Fortune 500. Yeah, nope. I realize it was going to take a heap of support, people who trusted and believed in my vision, and one hundred percent would hold me accountable to stay on track.

It was just a couple weeks ago, I started the outline. What does this business look like? What business name would speak to my audience? How do I set up a website? What the heck is DSS and SEO? My head started spinning. I was finding myself thinking too big of a picture. Following a Rachel Hollis approach (wait, you don't know Queen Hollis? Google her now!), start with the end result, the finish line. I started evaluating what major milestones I would need to hit in order to get there. Grow an audience and following, book speaking events, meet Oprah, etc. So what are the smallest targets that will get me there?

I can sit here and tell you, this is a huge undertaking project. This will not just take me months, but likely years. But one thing is certain, I will make this side hustle my full time gig. If I'm following what I've been taught, this should be rephrased with "I have made my side hustle my full time gig". As mentioned, knowing I may only have three blessed years here in Dallas, it motivates me the most. Can I prepare myself to set sail in three short years? Will I have all the tools I need? Will I have gained enough clientele to do this full time? Will the income be abundant to not financially need a full time job? I absolutely need to stop asking so many questions and start putting action into play.

Whatever curve ball life throws at you, are you ready? Are you mentally, physically, and financially ready for the unexpected? How you handle these sometimes difficult life situations is strictly your choice. You can tackle these obstacles with confidence knowing you were prepared and ready for this new change. You can sit there and wallow, beating yourself up over and over for not being equipped. Think about that, YOU HAVE THE CONTROL. You may not have control of the situation, but you absolutely have the control on how you are acting and reacting to the shift in life. This is your life, your one life to live. Are you ready to plan out your plan b? What's holding you back? From where I'm sitting, the only thing holding me back, would be myself. That my friends, will not be my reasoning.

Tackle life, tackle your goals and live your dreams.


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