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New Monthly Themes

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Every party is better with a theme, right?

How in the world can I become a better version of myself when there is a steady barrage of “things you need to do” coming at my face full speed ahead?! Like any other makeover/improvement endeavor, if I look at this “ME Project” from the whole, it’s just too much and it hurts my head. Makes me kinda want give up, or not even start in the first place. What if I took it one subject at a time, broke it down into smaller parts and allowed myself to really focus in? What if I could see it in action, meet an expert and find a way to apply it to MY life...aha, a theme!

I have been trying to figure how to make all of this “warrior training” stick. I mean applying good stuff to my life even once is already a win, but if I really want to see some positive changes in my mind, my body and my business, I really NEED it to stick. So, isn’t it fun when inspiration strikes us in the most unexpected of places? Well, yesterday, while reconnecting with an old radio friend of mine, it smacked me right in the head...frequency!

During my days in radio, this was a huge buzz word. The effectiveness of any campaign was judged by the level of frequency (which basically means the number of times something is heard over a defined amount of time). The more we hear something, the more it becomes part of our everyday thought process. We can prove this time and time again with everything from picking up a accent while on vacation, to suddenly just knowing all of the words to a song you don’t even like...that’s the magic of frequency. Hence...the new monthly themes!

Since they say that the magic number in frequency is 3, and I am willing to go the extra mile to ensure our success, we are upping the ante to 4! Over the course of a month, we will begin to explore one topic from several aspects, viewpoints and voices. This way we can begin to see some real transformation take place, one area, one action, one choice at a time.

Upcoming Themes

September: Sisterhood

October: Fear

November: Change

December: Reflection

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1 Comment

Sep 06, 2018

I'm in!!

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