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Kill All The Things

We began this challenge by sharing something that we are proud of. Now, eight days in, we need to reinforce all this growth by recognizing the accomplishments we have made thus far. More importantly, let’s kick off a new week by feeding our motivation with the endorphins our mind is craving to push us on. As we continue to build this pyramid of discipline, we are putting our brain in a power stance for the unknowns that lie ahead.

THEN SMACK! Here comes life hitting you square in the face, right between your eyes, making it next to impossible for us to acknowledge our accomplishments...let alone finish this stupid challenge (we promised we would be real here).

Have any of you guys ever done the Whole 30? It’s this grueling (yet super effective and I would totally recommend it) elimination diet that walks you through 30 days of no sugar, no dairy, no grains...I don’t remember what else, but you get the deal. Nothing but whole foods for 30 days. When you start out, you are cooking all your meals and feeling so proud of how well you are eating. You probably even I so got this!

Then day 4-5, Melissa Hartwig calls “Kill all the things”, because your brain is making the adjustment from an old way of thinking to a new one. Ironically, this is actually when we started experiencing a bit of a drop off in engagement here on our 30 Day Challenge. The reality that it is going to take some work, a little elbow grease, and the reality that we have to commit in order to see it manifest in our own lives, is more than some folks are prepared to handle. Myself totally included!

By Day 6-7, she says, all we want is a nap. I see that, I’m tired. I even allowed an extra hour for sleep this weekend by sending out the emails at 8am instead of 7. Did I mention I was getting tired, too? In days 8-9, you actually might see your pants getting our case, this is starting to suck. Why in the world should I keep doing something this painful, annoying, monotones (fill in your blank here)? She even says that day 10-11 are “The Hardest Days” and we have not even gotten there yet! The newness wears off and our brain makes the adjustment to release those old behaviors/thoughts and accept that you have made a change in your makeup...We are becoming a better version of ourselves. That can not come easy.

Yes, there are a million reasons to throw in the towel, but that is what normal people do...but you, my friend...YOU are exceptional! YOU are worth every ounce of effort this metamorphosis is taking. (She points her finger back at herself) I am worth it. I am worth keeping the promises I make to myself. I am worth a little extra effort to see the fruit of this newer, better, version of myself and the life it has to we press on!

Be sure to watch today’s videos to see how this all played out for me... in real life. Then jump on over to the conversation and tell us how YOU are doing on your challenge. What a great way to encourage one another as we reach for Day 16 - The Zone!

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