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Purging Your Guilt

The other night my "Warrior Queen" came and sat with me. When we have our talks, they tend to be very deep, thoughtful conversations typically about life and our experiences. We talked a lot about change, evolving and revelation. So I found it fitting to that this week's SSL would be focused on where we have been versus where we want to go.

Many people I talk to about how to move forward involves one very big internal struggle, not victimizing yourself as to who you were in the past or what experiences you had in the past. Its like holding onto a crutch. I know a past SSL was about forgiving others. But have you forgiven yourself? We all make mistakes in our life. That's part of human nature. You shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes because if you encounter a bad decision, you should embrace it, learn from it and move forward.

Back many years ago, I made a decision for my life to change. See, I just kept making revolving mistakes over and over. I knew I needed what I love to call "Life Rehab". However, with that came me leaving my children to their fathers while I went to work on me. When I finally got back to my babies it took me forever to forgive myself for leaving them. And listen, I wasn't totally absent from their life, I simply wasn't living with them. I just wasn't the mother that I should have been. If I ever wanted those babies to forgive me, I knew I had to forgive myself . I since have and they have also. It's a beautiful thing when you can let go of that guilt to proceed ahead with your life.

We all have the opportunity to chose a new path, to envision who we want to be or live a life you've only dreamed of. But you have to let go of the past and really forgive yourself and others who have scorned your soul. There is a reason why you went through that. It's likely to teach you some lesson that maybe you haven't figured out yet. My lesson was to better myself so I could be a better mother. And I'm a better mother because of the pain and struggle.

Don't afraid to take that next step towards a new beginning. It may be uncomfortable and you may hurt people in the process of finding yourself and a new life. You may even go through your own pain. I promise you with everything I have inside of me, if you learn from it, if you gently navigate this new chapter, making sure you are letting go of the past, you will come out on top. We are not perfect and becoming a new woman/man will be revitalizing. Letting go of those crutches we hold onto, those excuses for not living your best life, will rejuvenate your soul. You will find a new purpose and likely you will start living a life that you deserve; a life where you never stop loving the life you're living.

Love yourself. Love others. Love your life!


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