• Joey

The Adventure Series

Last week, we talked about how important adventure is to the healing process and 10 Reasons You Should Seek Adventure in your life. But, we cant just tell you to go have adventure and not give you some opporunities to do so, sooooo...

We are excited to bring you The Adventure Series: a monthly schedule of events to help you

get out of your comfort zone and start experiencing the benefits of adventure in your life ASAP. So mark your calendars now, schedule yourself a sitter and keep an eye on our new events calendar for more details and information:

7/15 - Sound of Music Sing-a-Long

8/15 - Infuse Beach Picnic

9/10 - Girlfriends Getaway in Savannah

10/28 - Ride & Shop

11/6 - My Big Fat Greek Field Trip

12/9 - Women of Value

Where will your adventures take you?!

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