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The Woman in the Photograph

Just recently I was going though Instagram and came across a familiar image. As I frowned at the photograph, I analyzed the woman in the picture. She had dark wavy hair with blonde highlights, a nice warm smile and beautiful blue eyes. In her eyes, I saw pain. As I stared at the woman, I could see the smile also didn’t seem to be so authentic. I didn’t recognize who she was, but there was only one thing I did know, that woman was me, two years ago.

Have you ever experienced that before? You look back at yourself one, two, five years ago and not even recognize who that person is? You then realize that you have internally grown so much that even your exterior appears differently.

Maybe you are reading this and searching for the growth I’m speaking of. You are craving to evolve and journey onto that next stage in your life on earth. The adventure and journey of spiritual growth is one that will change your life now and in future days. Letting go of your ego (the conscious mind) and spending time nurturing your inner spirit can lead you on a journey of a lifetime. This can and will change your life, the way you act, think, eat and even assists you in difficult, emotional situations.

It’s been about three years since I first started meditating. This is when it all began. Meditation calms your mind, clears your soul of all the negative, toxic thoughts and provide a rejuvenation as you are enlightened. It slightly feels like your soul is breaking out of prison, a prison that you’ve been locked up in for your entire life. In time, the end result is you start to learn and become YOU more and more. You understand your mind better and sometimes, even find your mission for this life. I know it sounds so crazy intimidating doesn’t it? I remember the first time I thought about meditation. I’m A.D.D. and the idea that I could calm my squirreled mind was something along the lines of “yeah no way” kind of response. Fast forward, I now can meditate on my own without guidance. I can go so deep that I even have a difficult time getting myself out of the trance state. It provides a high that you could never imagine.

Meditation is taking time for yourself. It’s putting more focus on your wants and needs and less on others. It’s making yourself the priority and taking care of your soul. As they say with medical therapy, same with meditation, mending to your mind and soul is just as important as your physical body. The journey that comes along with finding your soul is likely the most beautiful adventure you will ever go on. Are you ready?

If you’ve never attempted to meditate, I suggest either two of the following first.

1. Yoga. The act of yoga can make your mind focus on the different stretches, poses and art form that you body takes. In that one hour, you are not thinking of that deadline you have to make at work. You are not worried about your boyfriend and how mad you made him last night. You are not thinking about the 10 pounds you gained over the holidays. You are strictly focused on the movement. This also can be done in a meditative state with still a slight conscious.

2. Guided Meditation. This is how I started meditating. There’s a many great YouTube channels out there for guided meditation. I found that Jody Whiteley is a phenomenal meditation guide. While she does have a bit of electronic to her voice, she is calming and can lead you through the time spent in your mind. I also have used her to do sleep hypnosis which is an extremely powerful tool to manifesting your life goals.

There are so many benefits to meditation. Once you start your journey, you will immediately begin to feel a difference, a lightness in your breath. When your meditation finally reaches the point of unconscious thought, your whole life will change, and you will never go back to who you were. To conclude, think about the following benefits of meditation. How can these change your life for the overall good of your soul?

Five Benefits of Meditation

1. You will have a sense of detachment. In simpler terms, you will begin to appreciate more than you will feel a need for ownership.

2. You will learn how to recognize negative and toxic energy that enters your realm. You will also learn how to navigate away from the energy source, blocking such from puncturing your soul.

3. You will begin to let go of the things and people that hurt you. You will release the pain and begin to feel your soul moving forward.

4. You will see that there are going to be situations that may affect you but really have nothing to do with you. You will learn how to show empathy in a deeper sense without having selfish and egotistical feelings involved. This isn’t only good for your spirit, but it will show your loved one the art of true and honest support.

5. You will begin to feel a natural high. Have you ever had a stimulant of some sorts, whether that be caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, etc… anything that makes you feel unstoppable? Yeah, that’s what meditation can do for you. I love this one the most. I remember looking at other who meditated often and thought they were just a bunch of hippies who loved the earth. Oh no, I get it now. Once you release all that negative, toxic energy, you will be on this “life high” as your soul is aligned.

Our life is nothing but a journey. It’s all in how you choose to take it. Remember, spend time on yourself. Take care of your soul and the rest of life will fall into a place of peace. Rejoice in the adventure.

With Love~


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