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TaTa Tonic

TaTa Tonic

SKU: TT022301

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and inspired by stories of survivors from across the miles, this self-care tonic is a beautifully crafted treat especially for the tata’s!


A loving blend of frankincense, geranium and bergamot not only helps to reduce stress & anxiety by promoting feelings of peace and calm, it also helps support healthy cellular functions.

This little pink roll-on beauty is power packed with natural analgesics, anti-inflammatory & anti-tumour properties to help support your endocrine system and overall booby wellness.

Give those self-examinations a power punch of prevention and a sprinkle of joy with the new TATA TONIC!




    All Infuse products are run in small artisan batches to avoid the need for additional fillers and/or preservatives. 


    All sales are final, no product refunds or exchanges will be offered.


    Please allow for 10-14 days shipping.

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