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Day 2 - Journaling
In 2018 Summer Reboot
Jul 02, 2018
I'm really grateful to hear this challenge today! The last 7 weeks I have been using MFP (My Fitness Pal) to track my food daily due to being under weight during pregnancy. I have a nutritional coach that logs into my account each week to give me feedback and she holds me accountable, which is what I need during this time to gain weight each week. Once the baby arrives, my numbers will be adjusted and the goal will then to lose the baby weight. This is something I never took seriously before and I would just eat whatever. Now that I have been doing it several weeks, it is now a habit and I will actually plan meals and snacks in advance to make sure I hit my protein and calorie goals for the day. It has been a loooonnng time since I kept a prayer journal. I know I need to start that again and I'm up for the challenge in doing so this month until it becomes a habit again. I know from times past when I would journal, it was a way I could pour out what was going on in my personal life, write what scriptures were speaking to me, and then writing out prayers. Then it's documented and years down the road I would go back through and read about the things I was going through at different points in my life and it was amazing to see transformation and what God was doing through me. I regret getting away from doing that daily because I have those years missed of what God was speaking to me for me to go back and look at. I feel sometimes it's easy when you're given a doctor's report about something that needs to change in your life for health reasons, to stick to the goals. This is what happened when I wasn't gaining enough weight and I got serious about using MFP. I know I need the journaling in my life for spiritual growth and to be more in tune with what the Holy Spirit is speaking to me and to express what I'm going through each day. I'm done believing the lies of the enemy the says I'm a failure because I miss a day of reading the Word or journaling or being legalistic about it. I want that fire again to stir inside of me that it can't be contained. Lord, I can't do this, but I know YOU who lives inside of me can! I accept this challenge to start back again today!


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