A celebration of the fact that we are all a masterpiece in progress.

As women we have a strong tendency to suit ourselves up in a mask to be reviewed by the world EVERY day.  We hide our stories, our experiences, our hurts, our weird, our wrongs...our shame.  We mask with fabulous personalities, hide behind jobs, titles, looks, things, projects.  

Whatever it takes to ensure that what the world sees is in way better shape than all the hidden truths of our reality: sadness, confusion, anxiety, rejection, anger, fear, depression, loneliness, lack of motivation, let alone purpose.  As it miraculously turns out, that is exactly where our power our vulnerability, in our brokenness, in our courage to celebrate the brew that made you, you!


Between inspirational quips and motivational nuggets, Infuse offers a light-hearted approach to the healing process through education, partnership, retreats/events and small groups.

our founder

Jo Rivera

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Jo Badger

chief storyteller

Professionally invested in the economic revitalization of historic communities for the last 22 years, Jo's personal passion plays out as the founder and chief storyteller of The Infuse Project, a 501c3 connecting women from all walks of life through the power of their shared experiences.


Paying her bills as a freelance content writer, PR agent and essential oil educator... Jo enjoys throwing spontaneous dance parties, loves the smell of old books, strong coffee and all things frankincense.  On a mission to help women embrace their past, discover their passion and present their purpose to the world... she can usually be found driving undiscovered back roads, with the music up and her sunroof open.

A fan of burning the midnight oil (ha, ha, see what I did there), Jo works from her kitchen, community/civic centers, the gym, city park, library, airplane, mall, shelter, the carpool lane, parking lot, a friends living room or anyplace else with good WiFi.  Though obsessed with her dream of building a permanent homestead retreat in the mountains, she currently resides in a 200sq

ft shed house she built alongside her family in Central Florida. 

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