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The Mustang; Wild and Free of Boundaries

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

“Take risks, if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.” ~ Author Unknown

Lately I’ve been working on reshaping my life. There’s this page where its filled with words like, raw, vulnerability, risks, chances… What do those words mean to you? As I read them, instead of being fearful, I feel excitement, joy, and happiness. In the last month since being fired, (if you’re raising an eyebrow, you should probably go back and read my “I Just Got Fired” blog) I have spent this time making sure I tended to my career garden, clearing out all of the weeds to establish a beautiful growth. I have written down what and where I really want my career to go. What does that look like? Do I want to stay in real estate? Do I want to explore the opportunities to build my own business? Do I want to stay in Orlando? Would I be happier elsewhere? As I took the time in my own space and then in turn added my mindful friends into the mix, I was able to really start to plant the seeds needed to move in the direction that is best suited. One thing I found is certain during this process, whatever decisions I make in my life are to be for the betterment and peacefulness of my own soul and heart.

As I promised myself, I spent the last month really focusing on me. I allowed myself time to heal from the toxic career relationships that were purged. I have spent many hours on my patio watching and reading self-help pieces that assisted in clearing out the junk in my heart. I evaluated friendships, relationships, my career, and most importantly, myself as a single mother. What changes did I need to make? In doing all of this, it was like hitting the refresh button.

Once I felt the sense of understanding of my desires, dreams and goals, it was time to plant the seeds. I pulled my big girl panties on and I rushed into the journey as a wild mustang. I felt as if the world was in the palm of my hand. I revamped my resume and knocked out a killer cover letter. In this setting, I also committed to myself to not allow limitations. Don’t settle, Nicole. Go after it. I threw out resumes left and right. I followed my intuition and applied near and far. Then came along a great opportunity. An award winning, worldwide real estate firm that a woman like me would kill for. Even better, a dear friend, who is employed by the same firm, heard of my application and ran with it. He reached out to the HR Director and even went as far as communicating with the hiring manager. My foot was in the door. That followed with nailing out two amazing interviews. Next steps, time for them to reach out to my references. I was there. I could taste it. I experienced this emotional high so full of confidence no one could knock me down. Then it happened. The email that changed it all. “We have had to make the tough decision to not fill this position at this time.” Wait, what? What just happened? My heart sank. Fear crept in. Was I literally starting from square one AGAIN?!?! For that moment and the rest of the day even, I allowed myself to wallow. I felt the rush of emotion and if I had a gallon of ice cream, I likely would have ate the entire thing as I watched sappy love movies. That evening I made a promise to myself; I would commit to myself to be in this space only for the night. Tomorrow was a new day and a new opportunity to start fresh.

As I am a woman of my word, I woke up the next morning and attacked the job market. There was something else my gut was telling me. If this company is worldwide, what’s stopping me from looking at different locations? I didn’t hesitate on the thought. I didn’t question it. I immediately emailed the HR Director and let her know of my abilities to relocate. It wasn’t but thirty minutes later I got a phone call. Her excitement over the phone was contagious. “This is great news! I have the same position open elsewhere and we are looking to hire immediately. If you are truly open, I’ll send you over,” she enthusiastically said. Not much after that, I received an email. Coincidentally enough, the hiring manager, the woman who would turn to be my boss, was here, IN ORLANDO for a personal visit! How crazy is that! I immediately put on some crazy music and danced with a flurry around my house. I’m pretty sure my kids believed I had lost my mind.

I ended up meeting with the manager yesterday in fact. It went fantastically. We sat for almost ninety minutes getting to know each other on both a personal and professional level. We discussed our individual goals and how that plays into our career. We talked about the need to be closer to family. For the first time, I admitted that there is a sense of loneliness here being so far from my them. Wouldn’t it be so great to be located somewhere that I could just hop in a car and be home in a matter of hours? Every aspect of this change would fulfill what my soul has been burning with desire. We continued on and chatted like we were two women just catching up. It was comfortable and I could fully be myself without any persona or facade. We concluded with what the next steps would be and how she wanted to facilitate pushing me forward. I walked to my car and could hardly contain myself. I waited for her to leave the parking lot, then screamed out loud with such excitement.

As I write this today, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I planted a seed. I will tend to it as well as I can. From there, I just have to allow the fruition of what is meant to be. I decided to make sure not to put all my eggs in that basket. Another firm I was interested in last year, has a position open as well. I had a phone interview with them, nailed it and now will be meeting with them next week.

"Living with fear stops us from taking risks, and if you don't go out on the branch, you're never going to get the best fruit." ~ Sarah Parish

Sometimes you have to be raw, feel the emotion, and take risks. I would rather look back knowing that I gave it 100% my all. I pushed all fear of the unknowing to the side. I listened to my gut and put all the effort into showcasing what I have to offer great firms as these. I pulled my shoulders back and with words of affirmation said, “Nicole, you are a rockstar. Now go be one!As like the garden, in order to see the results of your planting, you have to do the work. In a perfect world, things just fall into your lap. With that being said, what lesson would you learn if life really was that?

Be honest with yourself and with your dreams. Listen to your heart and don’t be afraid. How bad do you want to achieve these goals? Feel the burning desire then go after it. Reach out to those in your life that can assist and facilitate in your journey. We only have this one life to live. We should be capturing these moments, growing from the storm and thriving in the sun.

Flourish my darlings. With love ~


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