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New Years in July

Summer Reboot: 30 Days to a Better Us

Who said you have to wait for the new year to make a big change? Now is as good a time as any to do a new thing, a BIG thing, a scary thing? So...let’s do something fun!

In honor of our mid-year website re-launch, Infuse is kicking out a 2018 Online Summer Reboot. For 30 days, beginning Sunday July 1, let’s explore one tiny thing we can implement in order to totally rock out the rest of 2018...together, will other women from around the the same time!

Honest engine? As excited as I am about this project, it really is slightly annoying...I already have a ton to do! Did I mention the kids were out of school?! AND it is so very flippin’ hot...I absolutely can not commit to another thing (besides a beach day of course).

I am totally with you on all that girl...good news, you don’t have to! This reboot will combine all the convenience of a personal trainer, with none of the contract….and did I mention totally FREE! Everyday in the month of July, we will post an article on our new website with a short instructional video for you to peruse as YOUR schedule allows. Then, set your alarm to join us for Facebook Fridays @ 4 where we will review all we have learned that week, answer your questions and hear tips and tricks from other Infuse tribe members.

What do we have to lose? Maybe a few pounds, how about a bad habit, an unhealthy relationship or our fear of the unknown. I don’t know about you, but that is definitely worth a few minutes a day to me. So...if you’re feeling froggy - let’s challenge ourselves to be more, do more, be better...for no other reason than...cuz we can! Click here to join us on this exciting, encouraging and super ridiculously convenient journey to A BETTER US. Let’s do it! (as Tone Loc begins to play in the background)...

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