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That's A Wrap

Can you believe it's been 30 days already? Some of you may be breathing a sigh of relief, some of you I know are sad. I seem to be teetering between both of those today. When we started this crazy Summer Reboot a month ago, we all had our different reasons:

  • A way to connect (when our busy schedules did not even have enough breathing room for coffee).

  • Just needed to see something change in our lives.

  • Wanted a fresh start, without having to wait for New Years to take it.

  • Somebody dared/bet us we couldn't/wouldn't do it.

  • Looking for a safe community to grow in.

Whatever your original reason may have been, it quickly became SO much more…

  • A place to be authentic.

  • A judgement free sharing of highs and lows.

  • A place to celebrate accomplishments and exchange ideas.

  • A community willing to be challenged and challenge one another.

  • A tribe of women encouraging each other to be better, try harder, do more, dare greater!

You spent the last 30 days not only accomplishing more than the average woman will accomplish in the next six months, but you have infused one another with undeniable wit, timeless wisdom and ridiculous whimsy at every turn. By tackling one small assignment a day, we have embraced the core values of: Vision, Tracking, Self-care, Service and Growth. Just look at all we have done:

  1. Shared something we were proud of

  2. Started a journal

  3. Learned something new

  4. Exercised

  5. Took a breath

  6. Baked someone cookies

  7. Learned the power of the nothing

  8. Kicked our own butt

  9. Drank more water

  10. Practiced healthy self talk

  11. Made a meal for one

  12. Watched a classic movie

  13. Went outside

  14. Decluttered something

  15. Treated ourselves

  16. Defined our why

  17. Discovered music therapy

  18. Bought coffee for a stranger

  19. Took a walk ( and broke the code!)

  20. Unplugged - no one seemed to like this one much, wonder what that’s about?

  21. Created a Five Year Plan

  22. Reconnected with an old friend

  23. Got creative

  24. Stretched ourselves

  25. Discovered what made us happy

  26. Cooked a healthy recipe

  27. Planned our dream vacation

  28. Did nothing again

  29. Learned something new again

  30. Cooked again

  31. Made a goal board

Good golly miss molly, bring it in girl...that is one HUGE high-five on you! Did you think you could accomplish all of that in just 30 days? I honestly did not. I kept telling myself, “you got this” but, inside I think I just assumed I was going to fail. Call it good around day 22 or so...cuz that’s what we do, right? “At least I tried…

I am super embarrassed to admit that I came into this thing expecting myself to fall short, yet I think that might have also served as a motivating factor in some weird way. Like I was not only holding myself accountable, but for once was going to prove myself wrong!

I had no idea how far this would stretch me physically, mentally, emotionally. I had no idea how much discipline it was going to take and I sure did not think I had enough of that. I certainly did not anticipate the level of vulnerability that would occur...or how powerful those moments really were, both on and off camera. I didn’t see all of the fighting I would do with myself, more importantly the fighting I would do FOR myself. I had no idea how much stronger I would emerge from all of this. How fortified I would feel in my sense of purpose or how motivated I would be to get ‘er done!

How about have you been surprised over the last 30 days? What are you most excited to integrate into your daily life? Where was the aha moment for you? Tell us about your Summer Reboot experience below and be automatically entered to win “The Breathe Bag”.

*Contest details to follow*

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