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Break Out

It is a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky with a temperature flying next to perfect...I mean it could be, I don’t know. It’s only 5:16 am, but I’m anticipating the gift of wonderful weather in order to complete today’s challenge. But, what if it’s not...what if it’s hot, or raining, or snowing or whatever weird thing it does in your next of the woods? You guessed it, we get out anyway.

Turns out that little bit of fresh air is WAY more valuable to a healthy lifestyle than many of us may have given it credit for. Have you ever wondered why the really old hospitals or asylums had such huge porch areas? Ok, maybe that is just me, but it’s true! I used to watch those stupid ghost shows and instead of being all freaked out, I’d be like...why in the world did a turn of the century public mental facility offer private porches to their less than fortunate clientele?! I know weird, but in doing my research, I discovered they knew something we have chosen to forget...the healing power of fresh air and sunlight.

I might question me too after that really strange introduction either, so let’s turn to someone smarter than us like Harvard Medical School. Here are six proven health benefits to going outside:

  1. Breath better air - just think of all of the things we release in our inside air (hairspray, pet dander, food smells, paint fumes, cleaning products, mold, etc.)

  2. Vitamin D - (aka liquid sunshine) we have all have heard about it, but wait til you learn what it can do.

  3. Prevents depression - which ironically can be caused by a deficiency of...yep, Vitamin D.

  4. Boost your white blood cells - this is that crazy amazing mini army of infection fighters in our blood. Vitamin D gives them the power they need to fight off the big stuff like cancer!

  5. Reduces anxiety - as if this wasn’t enough, it also helps boost our creativity (i.e. problem solving skills)

  6. It grounds us - this might sound nuts to some, but do me a favor and just try it. When you are outside today, find a patch of green grass, take off your shoes and take a deep breath. There is literally a magnet in your body that connects with the gravitational pull of the earth...and stops the internal “spinning”, improving our sleep, reducing our worry AND our puffiness.

So today, no matter the season, whether you take a bike ride, enjoy a picnic in the park, eat lunch on the bench in the office courtyard or sit on your own personal crazy porch...just get up and get outside, girl. Your mind, body and spirit will say “thank you”. Then jump over to the conversation and share your outdoor adventure with the tribe, better yet, post a picture. Someone else may need just the encouragement only you can give them.

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