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Clear the Stuff

Ahhh, another moment of public vulnerability...I see this is becoming a thing. Ok, we can handle this. We can tackle what lies in front of us today, because we are strong and capable and ready to take on the world. Ready...set...declutter!

Yeah, it doesn’t come that easy does it? If it did, we would all live perfectly beautiful, organized, even labeled, little lives all the time. Yeah no, me neither, so after airing all (ok not ALL, but the big 3 for sure) my clutter piles, I went to the interweb. How, oh magical interspace, how will this terribly overwhelming and ridiculously time consuming chore make me better? Voila! 10 Ways Decluttering Will Help us Lead Happier and Healthier Lives:

  1. Get ready faster - when we know where things are we don’t spend 20 min looking for “that one bra” or the belt we wore with those jeans two weeks ago or the flops we threw in the truck on our way to the gym that day. Are ya feeling me?

  2. Pay your bills on time - ouch I know. Just think of those stacks of mail and papers that all came with a purpose, an ask, an action left untaken when it just sits in a pile (we can have digital piles too).

  3. Space to focus on the things we love - they actually used the term “declutter your overwhelm”. Aggghhhh, they saw my video! No, they just understand that it is impossible to create/write/work at our best when we are 1) distracted by the stuff 2) limited by the space “the stuff” allows.

  4. Create new habits that support things staying clutter free - How many times have you worked all day in a room, felt that sense of accomplishment and freedom, then sat down only to have your first thought will never stay like this? Oh, I hear ya sister. But, I will never forget the freedom I experienced the day I first bought a carabiner for my keys. Now, I attach those puppies to the side of my purse, never to be hunted for again (ok, but its super rare).

  5. Declutter your kids - ummm, ok so, really all of this not only applies to their life as well, but is our job to model for them. I am your friend here, remember ;)

  6. Streamline your time online - digital clutter is SOOOOO real. Just ask the 1,928 emails currently in my inbox...unacceptable Joey.

  7. Financial freedom - comes when we know where our money is going. Just think about the vacation we could have taken with the money we have spent on the things we didn’t think we had only to find them in that other place the very next day. I don’t know about you, but I would MUCH rather have the vacation than 10 extra packs of AA batteries. (and don’t yell at me about hurricane season, I’m just making a point here)

  8. Make a difference - your trash is somebody else’s treasure. I can not even tell you how many times I have been blessed because someone I knew was “cleaning some stuff out”. Think of it as serving others, that might help.

  9. Experience calm - it’s like yoga for your brain when you can sit at a clean workspace.

  10. A happier healthier you - and I quote, “Seeing the messy state of your house reminds you that you’re not adulting very well. Being a grownup comes with perks (ice cream for breakfast), but it also comes with responsibilities (deadlines, bills, demanding bosses).”

I know, darlin’, I know...but you are not alone, we all gotta start somewhere. Pick a project (small, medium or large), set your timer and just get at it! Easier said than done? I get that too. So, call a friend, turn up the tunes, put on your cutest bandana...whatever it takes...and go free your mind today. Then jump on over to the conversation and post your before and afters. Cheers to all of the organized spaces being creating today!

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