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Dream Big

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are going to Fiji!

Wouldn’t that just be amazing?! Fiji!!! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would YOU go? Well today, we are going to plan that trip...for today’s challenge is to plan your dream vacation!

Now Joey, there is no way I can even consider thinking about this right now. Little Johnny has karate at 4 today, my in-laws are on their way to my house right now, my lights just got turned off, I am experiencing the worse trauma of my life...I couldn’t possibly dream right now.

Yes my girl, you can...more importantly you really should. We absolutely can NOT let our current situation impact our vision for the future. When we stop dreaming, we start dying...and no matter what you are currently facing, you are STILL far too full of adventure and purpose to do that. To help us out, I ran across an article literally titled “5 Reasons to Dream Big, Even When You Think You Have No Business Doing So” on Here they are:

  1. Limiting yourself pretty guarantees you will never get what you want.

  2. Everybody needs something to feed their excitement and passion for life - something to look forward to - HOPE.

  3. Your current situation is just not relevant; it’s just a starting point.

  4. There is power in momentum! The key to doing the big stuff is to master the small stuff.

  5. Forces us to get creative, work, harder, take action!

Mediocre goals never lead to great things...shoot for the stars!

Four years ago, I started The Infuse Project as a way to remind women around the world that no matter where they are, who they are, what they have done or what has been done to them...they matter. More than that...this world needs you to know that, so you can live out that one thing that only you can do. Your children need you to know that, so we can set an example of opportunity for them. Your workplace needs you to know that, so you feel good about producing excellent work. Your community needs you to know that, so you can lead them with great love and compassion....Sorry, not sorry. This is the one thing that feeds MY excitement, my passion for life...reminding women who they were created to be and helping them walk in that.

Over the past four years, the message has remained the same, but the delivery has changed. The colors are still the same, but the branding has changed. We have evolved, grown, transitioned...and continue to do so everyday...just like you and I. I don’t know what the future holds for me or for Infuse, but I do know that I will never stop dreaming. Even when things seems hopeless, I keep the faces of every woman I have ever worked with in my heart and I hold a hope for her. Frankly it is what drives me to do the small things with greater consistency.

In the great spirit of this challenge, today, I will be planning the first Women of Value On Tour! I picture an RV or better yet...a tiny house - a safe, comfortable place to have small groups, plan events and celebrate milestones from the road. Five dates- each in a different city/small town in rural America, throwing parties for women who might not otherwise know just how special they really are. It’s in the fall - the leaves are changing and the coffee is always hot...that’s my dream today. What’s yours?

Tell us all about in the comments below….Nothing is impossible if we are willing to put in the work, so why let where we are today limit the places we could go?

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