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Drink Up

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Oh thank God, finally a challenge we don’t have to emotionally wrestle with. A better version of us is a more lubricated version of us...just drink more water! Now how in the world, Joey? I know, sounds risque, but it’s true. When I share all the benefits we will experience (oh I’m sure this isn’t actually ALL of them), you’ll see what I mean. Fairwarning, we are going to hit on some matter of fact things that are just not sexy but, they are important. So, here we go, 13 Reasons Why...we should drink water:

  1. Balance fluids - you can’t have more going out then you do coming in. Ain’t that the truth in all things ;)

  2. Control calories - makes you feel fuller longer.

  3. Energizes our muscles - if you don’t lube lose it.

  4. Kidney function - now come on, some of us really need to be helping our kidneys work out all the yucky stuff we keep putting in. (drugs/medication, alcohol, even soda)

  5. Avoid constipation - period.

  6. Burn fat - cold water actually helps speed up your metabolism. Hello?

  7. Reduces puffiness and inflammation - everywhere.

  8. Mood enhancer - the feel good beverage of champions.

  9. Brain performance - Increases our brain performance by 30%!!

  10. Lubrication - Keeps our joints (and other stuff) lubricated, making mobilization (and other stuff) even easier.

  11. Regulates body temperature - c’mon ladies, this is worth the price of admission right here!

  12. Public speaking/singing - or a job interview, or a difficult conversation, or reading to your children. Keeps your mouth from doing that weird dry-y, puckery thing it does we we dry out.

  13. My favorite - keeps you pretty! If we are experiencing all of the benefits listing above, we are certainly in better peak physical condition AND it fills in our fine lines and wrinkles. Girl, where is your cup?!

Now we know it is important and the benefits are awesome, but I am constantly amazed at how many of us “don’t like water” and/or find it hard to drink. Let me try to help:

  1. Have a cup of water with every meal and snack.

  2. Eat more water-packed fruits and veggies.

  3. Choose a beverage you enjoy.

  4. Keep a water bottle in your purse/backpack.

  5. Find the perfect cup - it’s a quest, but so worth it.

I know, again, super simple...but what an impact! Drinking more water is an important part of our power stance, don’t deprive yourself of that...drink up today. Then head on over to the conversation and tell us YOUR tips and tricks for working water into YOUR day.

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2 комментария

Big thanks for the reminders of the wonders of water--and more!

Easy peasy. But oh-so-important.

Yasthelle got it right! Dittos. We love ya, Jo! Thanks for this fun challenge and a chance to touch base with your amazing community.


Yasthelle Puig
Yasthelle Puig
09 июл. 2018 г.

Thank you for the reminder. I just gulped down a whole 16 oz bottle of water because of your encouragement. I love you and I am proud of what you are doing.

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