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Lose Weight this Lent

My mother loves pigs...or so she told somebody once. Now she is “blessed” with an unintentional collection of approximately 46,213 pig statues, cards and plaques that have been given to her over the years. One year, she decided to come out and tell us about this phenomenon and to PLEASE stop giving her pigs. It stopped for a while. Until suddenly one birthday, the pigs reemerged! This time, she seemed to just embrace that apparently she had a love of pigs that she could no longer deny.

What things have other people spoken into your life (left behind, stored on your porch, sent to your phone, etc) that you have just embraced as part of you?

Oh wow...hit the nail on the head with that one, didn’t I? On Friday Night Live last week, I warned you that this month was not going to be easy...but it is SO important! If we want to soar in this life, we have to get rid of the dead weight. Time to PURGE those things, people, thoughts and habits that are keeping us weighted, hovering just above our circumstances but never truly breaking free from them.

Way easier said than done, right? I totally feel ya girl! Which is why this week, we are starting with something a little more manageable, our stuff. Let’s get rid of some physical weight this month AND help someone else in the process. Losing weight this Lent is as easy as:

  1. Grab a garbage bag - a basket or receptacle of any kind will work.

  2. Place said receptacle right by your door - preferably the one you use to exit your home each day.

  3. Put one item in said bag everyday this month.

  4. Find a local non-profit, church or agency in your neighborhood.

  5. Mark your calendars for March 31, 2019 - Grab your bag and take DONATE AWAY!!

Imagine about how much lighter you will feel when 24 things that no longer bring you joy leave your home for good. Next, think about how GOOD it will feel to hand those things off to someone who really needs them. Now that’s what you call a two-fer! The big pile of clothes on the chair, that old furniture you have been meaning to clear out, the giant pile of magazines you’ve been meaning to get rid of...time to go girlfriend.

You can totally do this! I am personally donating my items to Angels of Mercy Ministries here in Sanford, FL - a transitional home for displaced women. Comment below with where you will be donating your purged items this month...

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Jenn Keller
Jenn Keller
Mar 15, 2019

Thank you so much for inspiring me this week as well as holding my hand! After a decade of my life quickly got shoved into a storage unit, I couldn't even bring myself to go back to it till this week. That means over 8 months of not seeing anything I owned besides one small suitcase I brought with me. What you said last week was so true - sometimes the purge might mean you need to be vulnerable and ask someone to help hold your hand through the process. I never expected what a difference it made. Not only did I purge and trash shit... but I also donated, let go of some emotional baggage and made an action…


Dawn Munster
Dawn Munster
Mar 08, 2019

I have the same issue. I love owls. Especially Barn owls and Snowy owls. Anytime my Dad and/or sister take a vacation somewhere they bring me back one. They have also started bringing me keychains, decorative fans and t-shirts.

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