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Time for a Safari

Well, here we the end, the final act, the big finale of our February Adventure Challenge. Can you feel your inner adventurer rising up and grabbing life by the horns? If the answer is yes, BIG air fives to you girlfriend!! You got a heck of a year ahead of you, I can just feel it! If the answer is no, ask yourself the following questions:

How many chances did you have to do something different and chose to keep things the same?

How many times did you have a window of time open to explore and chose to stay put instead?

How many people passed you this week that you chose to not acknowledge?

Life is all about choices girlfriend. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that things happen. Many things go down everyday that we didn’t choose to have happen, BUT how we deal with that is our choice. So, let’s agree today to choose to open our eyes to the world around us, to reap the health benefits of an adventurous spirit, and end this month with a bang...Let’s go on safari! Ok, maybe not a for real safari, but definitely an upgrade from the toe dipping we have been doing.

I take my own medicine here, ladies and this weekend was no exception. My girls and I had been “threatening” to plan a girls weekend that just kept getting rescheduled. Sound familiar? Something was always coming up for one or more of us and it was just not happening. So...I took the the bull by the horns, found a 24-hour window and away I went so visit my precious friends in St. Petersburg. Within just one turn of the sun, our mini adventure included:

  • Not one, but two mini road trips

  • Catching up about life with a dear friend

  • Salsa dancing

  • Soccer in the streets of downtown

  • Walking the Grand Prix route

  • Eating a gourmet grilled cheese

  • Sleeping in a high rise with the balcony windows open

  • Going to the beach (twice)

  • Finding the perfect sterling silver ring

  • Reading two chapters of a new book

  • Brunching beach side

  • Walking with my feet in the sand we wrap up our focus on adventure this month, we are are taking the plunge, unleashing our inner Indiana Jones and going on on the road! Pick your personality and GO child...just GO!

Daredevil: Road Trip! Call a friend (or don’t), pick a destination (no more than 3 hours away), grab your swimsuit, turn up the road trip playlist and drive girlfriend. How about staying in a bed & breakfast, or trying out a historic hotel or better an AirBnB and live like a local. Then eat somewhere fun, live loud and talk to someone new. You just never know where your adventure will take you.

Trailblazer Learn to Geocache. Ok, I am NOT supposed to be talking to you about this, but (come closer so I can whisper) there are little treasures hiding all around your neighborhood and favorite hangout spots. You may never have known they were there, but geocachers have been treasure hunting around you for decades. I know, I know, but I am telling mind was blown! It is such a fun way to explore and discover the world around you (or a new city for that matter). We make it a thing on every road trip to log at least one geocache per state/city or whatever. Great fun for the whole family, why not try it for date night or your next GNO too!

Explorer – Plan your dream trip. Ready, set...I know you may not be ready to travel just yet, BUT let’s at least get our head in the game. Grab your journal (or an online capture app like Evernote) and get to googling girl! Where will you go? Where will you stay? What will you eat? Where will you visit? What kind of transportation will you take and most importantly...what will you wear? DO NOT limit yourself to reality...this is your dream vacation. Dream Misses, dream!

Whatever you choose to do, soak it all in.

This world is an amazing place, full of incredible places and things for you to enjoy. When we choose to do nothing...imagine what we might miss. Tell us all about your adventures in the comments below.

With SO much love,

Joey 🌼

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1 Comment

Katelyn Etherton
Katelyn Etherton
Feb 28, 2019

My mom, nephew and I go on Trailblazer. There is 1 not to far from my parents house and then some more in Bloomington/Normal. Back in January I was kind of like a daredevil and decided to get on a plane by myself and go to Pittsburgh for the weekend! I am also being an explorer by planning a mission trip back to Dominican Republic in May! Didn’t do much this month as I had sinus surgery and was recovering.

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