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Pending Coffee

Ahh coffee...the nectar of the heavenly creatures! It is 5:12 in the morning and I am already intoxicated by the smell of alchemy occurring inside that magical french press on the counter. The robust fragrance alone has me in eager anticipation of a successful day. What if we could spread this smell-filled feeling of optimism around the world? Beginning today, we can.

As we continue to reach for the best version of ourselves, here is a small but impactful habit each of us can add to our “it’s just what I do” a stranger a cup of coffee. Now, before you think I’m suggested you hit on the guy next to you at Starbucks (though, if that is where God puts your man, you do you, Boo), let’s explore the reason we should be doing this in the first place.

On Day 6, we discovered the health benefits of serving others by baking cookies: makes us feel good, changes our perspective and it is contagious. Today, we are layering on a practical way to incorporate this small, yet world-changing, activity into something we already do...buying coffee. There are many ways we can go about this:

  • When paying for your brew, apply the change to the person behind you.

  • When heading through the drive-through, pick up the tab for the car behind you.

  • Buy six coffees and go randomly distribute them through your local business district.

  • Ask your local caffeinated hangout if they have a program for Pending Coffee” or "Suspended Coffee"

Imagine the impact this smelly cup of magical goodness could have on the day of the person who received it? We have no idea what the person next to us is battling today and that cup of coffee might be the exact boost they need to get through their next thing...and you could have had something to do with that. Comment below if your local cafe offers suspended coffees or tell us how you share the coffee love. Then, you can extra enjoy your java by sharing a cup of joe with a stranger today.

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