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Pep Rally -Summer Reboot

Cuz...who doesn't like pop rocks in the summer time ;)

Yesterday, we held our our second Facebook Friday at 4PM...just cuz we are trying something crazy! (Hey, thanks for being willing to try something crazy with me, PS)

For those who may not know me, my name is Jo Rivera, but my real friends call me Joey...and I hope you will do the same.

Four years ago I founded The Infuse Project with a dream of helping women rediscover their value, learn to walk out their purpose and most importantly have a place to do it together. The response I have seen after one little five minute, sweaty and raw video in the last week (almost 600 views in 9 states and three countries) has refueled that passion with a vengeance! Time to re-awaken a sleeping giant in our nation, the fighting spirit of the unsung warrior...the mother, sister, daughter, friend...through love and encouragement for not just the big stuff, but the everyday stuff!

I woke up on Friday morning to find this written on our new website from a women in Washington. In her post she wrote “Your village is filled with tribal members just like me and we will learn to lean on one another while we battle our darkest most raw selves. We will lead each other to the blazing light of a new more complete self. Together we can do this for alone we never would have the strength. So today I straighten my crown and find myself ready to build new bonds of friendship and battle the darkness with my warrior tribe. So we may find ourselves again.” She even entitled her post “Ok here is to being raw and taking the first step!” Ya’ll can visit the Let’s Talk page at the to read the rest of her post. Let’s be sure to show her some online love for stepping out. honor of Gwen and the dozens of women like her who have committed to stepping better...let’s talk Summer Reboot!

What it online gathering of amazing women who are challenging ourselves to make one small movement everyday for 30 days that will move us closer to a life of more. Whatever that looks like for you….oh and yes totally free! Let’s call it a group experiment in sheer good-ness.

Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, July 1st through July 31…I will send out the challenge for the day via email with a super short video lesson to motivate us for the day. Then you can jump on over to to share your tips and tips for success or maybe just to receive the encouragement you need for the day.

The email will go out at 7am for you high-achieving early birds who want a head start. For us normal people, a link to the daily challenge will also be available on the Infuse Project Facebook page and of course on the website for you to peruse on your own time. Then Fridays at 4:00 PM EST, we will get together on my Facebook page to and talk about it. What did we learn that a highlight reel only with Q & A.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am finding myself in a serious summer slump. Hiding from my kids in the bathroom...what is that, I am SO grown! It is time to take our lives back ladies - we are not victims of our circumstances. Maybe this isn’t for you, but you know someone else who needs to be here. Share this post with her, send her a video, forward this email...Better yet, do it with her. Become a general in this revolution of good-ness, by joining her on her journey. Let’s take this moment to invest in ourselves and just see what happens!

Click here to discover 3 Ways to Rock Your Reboot! #SummerReboot.

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