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Phone Home

What ever happened to ___________?

I sure wish I could talk to __________.

Man, it sure has been a minute since I saw ______________, wonder what they are up to?

How many times have you asked yourself about a certain someone? Well today is your day, because, according to, number 96 is reconnect with an old friend. Now I am in no way suggesting that you use this as an excuse to stalk your college boyfriend or stir the pot with an old flame...wisdom here people. But, it sure is a perfect day to let someone who has heard from you in a while, know that they matter.

Today’s challenge is simple...text an old friend. Imagine, sitting in your car, trying to sort through the trying events of an already crazy Monday morning. You are just trying to muster enough energy to get out of the car...when suddenly your text alert goes off. Hark, it’s exactly that person you were just thinking of! How does that make you feel? Did it bring a smile to your face that they thought of you this morning or are you like me and immediately start questioning their motives?

Shame on us….shame on us that we can’t just allow ourselves to enjoy the thought that someone else is thinking about us without wondering what they want. Understand, you may be met with the same thought today. That’s ok, you can quickly put that to rest when you reach out with something like:

  • It’s been too long, how are you?

  • Got you on my mind you doing?

  • Happy Birthday

  • Thinking about you today.

  • I love you...that is all.

Release your expectations right now, set your intention on sending some much needed love into the world and “reach out and touch someone” today. When you do, not only are you practicing the discipline of self-care through connection, but also service. Imagine the smile your message could bring to the those on the receiving end.

So that’s it...scroll through your contacts, dig through your rolodex, find that business card in the bottom of your purse...whatever it takes to remind that person that they matter to you today. Then comment below, who did YOU text?

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1 Kommentar

Know I haven't commented in a bit--but nevertheless, I just love all these creative fun ways to show love---and I am doing the challenges! Every one... Yes! And loving them!

Each challenge is a fabulous way to receive love and reach out in love.

And I can't wait to reach out to the perfect person for this challenge. So glad you are doing this!

PS I look forward to the challenges because they help me rise above the other things on my list.

Like packing up everything in our kitchen, dining, a lot in the bedrooms...

(Our entire 90 year old house needs to be rewired. We do have electricity in the kitchen and my computer/office sun room. Nothing in…

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