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Ready, Set...Goal

I am cruising through a myriad of emotion this morning, just typing “day 30”. What will tomorrow bring without having this assignment, these videos, this writing project to focus on? More excitingly, who will I meet tomorrow as I step into this “better” version of myself? For the last 30 days, we have layered baby steps of knowledge and discipline with adventure and the ability to find joy in the what?

Today, we cast our vision for this new and improved us by creating a goal board. Now before you freak out, pull out your old vision board from three years ago, claim you don’t have any old magazines, or make some other lame excuse...walk with me here. How will this kicked up version of us ever accomplish those dreams we created for ourselves, if we don’t give her some NEW perspective? Remember, we absolutely can not allow our current circumstances to limit our possibilities...they are just a starting point, that’s all.

Last week, we started this process by dreaming big. So, why in the world would we follow it up with a goal board? Here are seven reasons why:

  • Ensures follow through - you’ve heard the old adage “out of sight, out of mind”. Don’t let your dreams fall into that category.

  • Visualize a new reality - My mother does this to me all the time…she’ll walk me into a blank event space or office building and say, “can’t you just see it?” The truth is I can not. She may have this incredible vision, but it is not reality for me. Now, if someone walked me to some beautiful countryside meadow and described the house of my dreams...yeah, still couldn’t see it. Unless, however, they showed me some plans. Now, it’s game on!

  • Life starts at the end of your comfort zone...why not dream of the unthinkable? The worst that can happen is you improve your current situation by trying to get there. **Honestly, I had no idea I would be able to pull this off? 30 blogs, WITH videos in 30 days, that just nuts! End result (as of 7/30/2018): 30 tribe members, 300 subscribers, over 1000 views and most importantly, an incredible reminder of just what we are capable of doing...when we make our intentions clear.

  • Organize your thoughts - glue sticks and scissors make me freak out, but doing this exercise is like creating your very own futurized puzzle. Where do you want your pieces to go?

  • Combat the noise - I’ve shared before about all the amazing encouragement I have received in creating this Summer Reboot, but what you haven’t heard me talk about is all the secret flack. “Who does she think she is? What does she think she’s doing? Who does she think she’s helping? Nobody’s watching anyway.” I’m not actually sure I can decipher between the voices coming into my head and the ones that already live there. The truth is, no matter the origin, it’s just noise. A deafening sound meant to distract us, if not stop us, from reaching our goals. We can quiet the noise when we feed our dreams with vision.

  • Visual reminders - while I am a chronological learner, visual reminders sure don’t hurt. We have all heard about people posting things around the house to keep them from eating...what if we used that same theory to keep us from...stopping.

  • Try something new - we know that stepping beyond ourselves activates a different part of our brain and stimulates the creative process, so let’s do it!

Some examples of goals boards, include (but are totally NOT limited to):

  • Vision boards

  • To do lists

  • Post it notes

  • Writing on a mirror

  • Planner pages

  • Calendar

  • Dashboard

There are only three rules...Start where you can, get creative, and do it your way, girl! Once you have completed your board, take a big brave step and go public with your goals by posting a picture of it in the comments below. We are cheering you on the entire way!

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Jul 30, 2018

I've never done a vision board but I am inspired to now. My challenge is how to make one without spending money, let's see where that takes me.

Thank you Joey! I sure will add coffee with you to my to do list. And I LOVE the post it note idea, bite size tasks, so doable.

Have a super day! God bless!


LOVE this. Going to entitle it, "Believe Big."

For some reason I started singing songs from The Sound of Music. I don't remember why. Ended up watching a Youtube vid about the 2017 cast reunion on Oprah. Very interesting. Then watched an A and E vid about the real story--so different than the film. Go figure...

Maria Von Trapp was a real B... Buster, Take Charge kind of gal. Husband docile. Really controlled. (Much I imagine she'd change if she could.)

What was my "take-away"?

She prayed. A lot. God answered. Did great things. He uses imperfect people.

Believe Big.

Ask. Seek. Knock.

Without Him we can do nothing of consequence.

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