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Secrets Revealed

As I drove down to the waterfront this morning, ready to take on today’s challenge along our beautiful waterfront, I thought; “Take a walk, haven’t we done this one already? Oh no, that was exercise. Wait, or was it, get outside.” Either way, it felt sorta like a repeat.

The rain began to roll in as I got closer to my destination, so I pulled over and tucked myself inside a park pavillion to contemplate this conundrum. As I took an inventory of all our previous challenges, I realized, “by golly, there is a pattern here!”. When I started grouping our challenges into primary categories of development (i.e. lists), I saw five core disciplines emerge over and over again:

  1. Vision

  2. Tracking

  3. Growth

  4. Self-care

  5. Service

At some level, each of our challenges have us executing one or more of these everyday. If small revisions applied consistently create big results, than there is no question that applying these five disciplines daily for 30 days can create big changes in our lives. To make that even cooler, when our lives begin to reflect these things, what a legacy we can then leave for others!

Therein lies the secret to the 30 Days to A Better Us...a better us, is a better world. Take some time to reflect on that as you take your walk today, then comment below with your thoughts on the subject.

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