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Shiny Happy People

Worst day ever! I just left the police station with my sixteen year old daughter who chose to runaway from home last night...and I still have to write a piece about being happy. Ain’t that just some stuff right there? Literally lol’ing at the irony, ridiculous and personal butt kicking it is taking just to put my nails on this keyboard...but, I have a choice...and I choose to be better than this situation. So, I put in my earbuds, set my Pandora to Muppet Love (the perfect mixture of Disney songs, Muppet soundtracks and happy princess movie anthems) and transport myself to a happy place...

If we have a goal we are reaching for, a dream we are chasing, or a quest we have committed to, crap is going to happen. In some way, shape or form, crap is probably already happening to you right now. Like everything else in our life, we have a choice - drown in crap...or use it to plant a flower bed. Though drowning is often the preferred choice due to the effort it takes to keep flowers alive, there are great benefits to intentionally choosing to be a happy person, no matter what we are facing.

Now, before I go donning a white dress and dancing through the sunflowers, I need more information. So, I did what any wise researcher would do...I googled it and the interweb agrees that there are six major health benefits to focusing on things that make us happy:

  1. Protect your heart - Doing things that make us happy can actually lower a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. Did you know that happy people are 22% less likely to have a heart attack?! (As a child of two heart patients, that is enough to get me thinking happy right there)

  2. Strengthens our immune system - Happy people are recorded to take HALF the amount of sick time as grumpy people. That is twice the vacation days, ummm yeah!

  3. Combats stress - Happiness literally comes at your stress like a ninja monkey with a happy sword. Happy people are even said to bounce back from stressful situations quicker than the grumpy majority.

  4. Less pain - You can literally block your pain receptors with happy-ness.

  5. Fights disease - Makes sense after reading the first five.

  6. Live longer - Happy people live an average of ten years longer than grumpy folks.

A happier you is a healthier you!

Easier said than done, I get it, hence today’s challenge. Consider it an offensive move against the daily battles that try to steal our joy. Today, we are going to start a list with at least five things that make us happy. What turns on that happy light inside of you? After much thought (and texting the question, “hey, so and so, what would you say is something that makes me happy?), here are a few things I came up with:

  • A good cup of coffee

  • Adventure - large, small and everything in between

  • Country music

  • Office supplies

  • Boots and a good pair of jeans

  • The Wizard of Oz

  • Baby farm animals

  • When the scale moves “the right way”

  • The smell of night blooming jasmine & eucalyptus

Just making the list improved my current mindset...although this music sure did not hurt...Hakuna Matata Baby! What made the top of your list? Comment below with some of your faves, let’s build a Happy Blog Basket of suggestions!

**Having trouble? Google laughing baby videos and just will come to you. You’re welcome :)

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Jul 27, 2018

I am just so grateful to have a glass. I am a happy person by nature... so here's my list.


Fresh coffee, the smell and taste

Fresh linens, on the bed and the table

Kids playing and laughing outside

Family dinners

Antique stores

Witnessing kindness anywhere

Live music of any kind

Sage and Citrus Candle

My kids always and forever

Adventure big and small

Camping in the winter

Swimming in the springs

Sunshine on my face

The rumble of a motorcycle



I have written poetry about so much of this. Thanks for the smile.


As always a great post. So enjoy them all.

For what its worth, I believe that some people are naturally able to see the glass half full while others who tend to complain, really find it harder to see a bigger picture--to see any thing beyond their current circumstances. I don't know if this is true but it seems so to me.

People who are very good at complaining --and seem to really enjoy it--can not use the "I was born this way" excuse. But honestly, I think there might be something to that. Some are just natural encouragers, natural forgivers. Others have to work at it, if they want to work at it.

At any rate, what am I…

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