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Table for One

Raise your hand if you love to cook. Oh yay there are several of you, but don’t worry, I didn’t raise my hand either. Cooking is not something I really ever had time for until first, I started watching my budget and second, started watching what I put in my mouth. I had to teach myself shopping, meal planning, cook times, how to get all the food out at the same time (still hot), etc. It was a journey, but today, we don’t need any of that stuff...cause we are just cooking for one.

How in the world will cooking make me a better person, you ask. Well I didn’t know either, so I found an article in the Chicago Tribune about the importance of making our own food. Here are some benefits you may not have been aware of either:

  • Makes you happier.

  • Contributes to the greater good.

  • Everytime we cook, we have the ability to improve our mind, body and even our world!

I know, what in the world? How will me making this mug cake improve our world? Let’s break it down. So for our bodies, when we cook we are more likely to avoid processed foods (which cause inflammation anyway) and enjoy a healthier lifestyle...period. I feel like for the sake of becoming “better”, we could leave it right there, but we are seeing this through.

For our minds, cooking allows us to work with our hands, keeping our minds active and improving concentration. I’m telling you, I may really try out for Food Network Star after all two of these cooking videos. ‘Sides, when you cook for yourself, you get to eat what you want, when you want and just the way you like it (not to mention save a ton of $$).

Finally, yes, you CAN save the world with your personalized spatula by:

  • Sharing your love through food.

  • Breaking bread builds relationships.

  • Supporting your local economy.

  • Reducing waste in our landfills.

And you thought you couldn’t make a difference?

Can’t cook, don’t worry, everybody has to start somewhere. Grab a cookbook, open a new tab, call your sister/mother/friend or head on over to the conversation where I will list some easy recipes like today's fabulous Blueberry Mug Cake. Then post a picture of your personal creation or scream out loud over your burnt water...we are here for you girl!

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