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10 Days to a New Mindset

There is soooo much going on right now! Relaunching into full-time girl boss, a big pre-wintery mountainous move, this goofy repair, my Pop’s car is in the shop and they just executed a DNR on my Grandpa Ben…and that is just within my four walls today. I do not dare turn on the news for fear of the latest plague upon our houses AND I am quite certain you have a current list of your own woes to attend to.

I don’t know about you, but when I start to get overwhelmed by all the “stuff”, self-doubt somehow always wiggles it’s way back into my living room. I begin to get lost in a spiral storm of shame and worry…

  • You should have __________________________

  • Why didn’t you ___________________________

  • You’ll never have ________________________

  • It’s too late to ____________________________


Yet, these kinds of thoughts are exactly the ones that can paralyze us dead in our tracks and keep us from doing that thing we set out to do. So, I say we kick it in the face!!

#FACT: what we focus on grows.

If you have ever tried to stop the negativity in your brain before, sometimes it can feel like the Titanic up in there. However, there is one thing, one simple thing that has proven over and over again to be one heck of a tug boat…GRATITUDE.

I warned you it was simple. But, can we just talk about the heavy lifting of this little practice right here for a second? I have watched people go from angry and miserable, hateful and spewing to strong and hopeful, inspired and driven, broke and busted to blessed and bountiful. I’m telling you…I am one of the people.

What a better time to put our heads in the right spot, than as we enter into the final quarter of this crazy 2020 game? AND what better way to make a weighted shift in the bio-sphere than to do it TOGETHER! Let’s make some real positive waves in our world ladies…let’s set our intentions for just the next 10 days to being grateful. Enter…Our First Ever Gratitude Challenge!

Here’s the deets:

  • What: Gratitude Challenge

  • When: September 20-September 30, 2020

  • Where: Facebook & Instagram

  • Who: ANYBODY

  • How: Let’s light up the web with our favorite things! Just post a pic of something, someone, somewhere you are grateful for once a day… everyday… for ten days. Include “#theinfuseproject” in your post and each day, I will choose a winner to send something fun to. One entry for Facebook, one entry on Insta or go all out and hit BOTH for 2 points! Winners will then be announced everyday via Facebook and Instagram stories, cuz I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU!

Just sit back and watch that frown turn upside down girl, then go to The Collection and tell us all about it. I'm going to pick a grand prize winner to be chosen from those brave enough to share their experience and encourage other members of our Infuse Tribe…Ready, Set, GROW!

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