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A Year in the Rearview

It’s been a very dry season for me since my dad died just a few short months ago. I have questioned, reviewed and even realigned parts of my life I never saw coming, but one thing has remained the love for this tribe. The Infuse Project is becoming a beautiful collective of voices: a community encouraging each other to live a life of boldness and supporting one another all along the way. Though each note may be miles and months apart, the sound you form is the most incredible symphony I’ve ever heard.

Honestly, it would be so easy to drown out that angelic sound with the wailing whines from my own personal pity party. Lately, I’ve even been wondering if I should stop, soothe the panics of this overworked mind and just get “a real job”. Then, something magical happens that awakens this heartfelt orchestra and I am once again driven to publicly evaluate my process in the hopes of crossing paths with one of my warrior sisters along the way.

Since my first blog post EVER was written on this day exactly four years ago, let’s use the same format to #REFLECT on this last year gone by. It’s ok, take my matter what your answers are, this is only a starting point. Who knows where this journey will take us? At least we have a great soundtrack ;)


1. What’s one place you went this year that you’d never been to before? It could be anywhere from Tahiti to a new restaurant or an unexplored backroad in your own county.

2. What’s one thing you tried this year that you’ve never tried before? A new recipe? A new software? Or maybe something bigger like an art class, or something over the top like jumping out of a plane.

3. What’s one thing you’ve said this year that you couldn’t have said before? Did you speak up when no one else would? Maybe you finally asked for help.

4. What did you learn this year, that you never understood before? Did you read a book or passage that gave you a new perspective? Did you hear a talk or attend a class? Perhaps a life experience brought you new wisdom or insight…

5. What new steps did you take this year in the direction of your dreams that you might not have taken before? Did you teach a class? Develop a new product? Get your first client? Write your first blog post? Learn a new skill? Take on a new role/responsibility? Get a promotion or accept a new position? Clean up your resume?

6. What blessing came your way this year that you might have missed before? A special call from a friend? An unexpected compliment? A kindness from a stranger? A mailbox miracle?

7. What did you learn about yourself that you didn’t know before? What discoveries did you make? Maybe someone else pointed something out that you had never noticed before?

8. Where have you gained clarity when you were foggy and confused before? As you learn about yourself, what you love, what you have to offer, that fog starts to lift. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting clear on what you don’t want.

9. Where did you find courage that you had never noticed before? Hurdles you overcame? Hard days you got through? What strengths did you discover that you never knew you had?

10. Where did you build confidence when you had always struggled before? A year ago, you never knew you could do this, and here you are killing it. Where did that come from?

As we take the time to #REFLECT on each of these questions, let's put our shoulders back, stand a tad bit taller and say out loud, “I can do anything...just look at what I did last year!" Ok wait, before you decide that this was not worthy of celebration, remember this...accomplishment AND opportunities both deserve our attention.

Start this year strong and post your answers in the comments below...we wanna celebrate, cry and giggle WITH you. Ok, I’ll start, but first...thank you. Yes, thank YOU, for being such an important part of the incredible sound that serenades this amazing tribe as we prepare to journey into another exciting new year!

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01 ene 2019

Love this. I will do this very soon and share. Love you Joey

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