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Captain's Blog #1

Many hours later…

Check out the name of this post! “Captain’s Blog”, like “Captains Log” off of Star Trek or Avatar or something important that someone important would journal for the sake of posterity or something. I have about giggled myself right off my chair with that one, but the truth is...I think that is exactly what I am going to attempt to do here. By sheer definition, a blogumentary is an online written account of the happenings around a certain subject. Even in this exact moment, I feel the urge to document how I am getting out of the “I don’t wanna funk” without throwing in the towel for the day.

It’s Monday, the kids are back in school…I made a ton of plans and sketched a big to do list for the day…I set goals for my week, my month, and my quarter…Where in the heck am I supposed to start? Where does pen actually meet paper? What are the daily tasks I must manage in order to chase my dream? I get it. I am right there with ya!

Starting this week, I am going to show you how I navigate this journey to purpose while trying to restore my personal economy (or have a very public midlife crisis, you decide) using the tools that are readily available to any women with a computer AND what I don’t know (which is really SO much), we are going to learn together.

Before we begin, let’s do a little asset inventory - what do we have to work with:

  • A smartphone

  • A laptop and printer

  • A strong cup of coffee

  • The gift of gab

  • A working website

  • Social media channels

  • A small (very small by industry standards) audience

  • A dedicated place to work (with shotty wi-fi at best)

  • An existing 501c3 (The Infuse Project)

  • Two existing pieces of proprietary curriculum (means I wrote it) and one in process

  • A burning desire to see the women from all walks of life walking confidently and profitably in their purpose

  • A crazy confidence that I might could really pull this off...and the soul-felt knowledge that I just have to.

Ok, now what is it I actually aim to do:

Immediate Goals

  • Monetize online products for The Infuse Project

  • Increase exposure for current writing services

  • Systemize daily processes for maintenance and delivery

Short Term Goals

  • Raise/Produce $5000 for Women of Value Fall Tour - KY, WV, OH

  • Re-write & publish current curriculum (soft and hard copy)

  • Collect & share stories


  • Turn The Infuse Project into a Publishing House that distributes the unheard, yet powerful stories of women from all over the world (soft and hard copy)

  • Compensating women for their writing contributions

  • Training women how to financially leverage the power of their experiences.

Yeah, that seems like alot to me too (shaking my head in my hands). How in the world am I supposed to do all that? How in the world are YOU supposed to chase YOUR dream when you may be working with even less than I am; trying to juggle your family while holding your own personal crap together...let alone changing the world?! I really don’t know the how just yet...but I do know that we are strong! We are capable! We were created for so much more than what we allow ourselves to get away with...and there are literally people out there, waiting for us to get our stuff together so they can learn from our example.

Therefore, right here I will be running a blogumentary series, documenting the behind the scenes workings of building a life of purpose...while trying to pay the bills. Consider it an online journal, the makings of a mad women or a super cool online experiment that might just propel us all to something more than where we are right now.

Here, I will show my task list, share my personal & professional tools/resources and track both wins and losses along the way. I hope you will take advantage of these tools/resources as I’ve already done much of the leg work for you. But, I also hope that you will share your thoughts, comments and experiences as well...making this an interactive blogmentary.

Imagine what would happen if a bunch of women came together to accomplish something great? Great things would happen, that’s what!!! So...what do you think?

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1 Comment

Aug 15, 2018

Yes, you can. God knows your heart! See you tomorrow.

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