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Freak Out Moment

Ok, we promised to keep it real...

I just finished filming my next video vlog entry, went to upload it, realized I needed to go back, authenticate and optimize every video I have ever created on YouTube. Then I need to type the article up so it can be published with the vlog, and finish the SEO maintenance on the current content, but I also have to pull the articles from Pinterest so I am prepared to run on Monday. Then of course, my schedule is now changing to make room for the home/work space needed to make all of this happen. My breathing is increasing just typing all of this. There is maintenance of the website, emails, and requests that come in everyday, not to mention my favorite part...growing our tribe, nurturing budding relationships and keeping the ones that I got. Notice, I did not even mention my domestic duties?! Too much, just too much! I haven’t even started...and I am already freaking the freak out!!

Whoaaaa, Nelly...You knew this was coming. You can’t imagine that anything worth doing just magically showed up one day. No ma’am. This is gonna take work, guaranteed sweat, stress and headache. This is going to be frustrating and awesome girl, flippin AWESOME!

No for realz...just imagine what our life will be like when that thing we want to do more than anything finally gets done. Everything about who you are today will be different. I can literally feel my spine tightening as I type this. I feel an energy coming from my gut saying, “sit up straight, shoulders back, chin high, you are about to accomplish more than you could ever have imagined. Better prepare yourself for the ride.”

I could go on a huge tangent here about what the world would look like if all the women of the world woke up and faced their day with that kind of grit and gumption. better believe I just can’t wait to find out!

Sitting up straighter...

Shoulders back...

Head High...

She returns to her to-do list with a newfound joy at the knowledge that in the work...lies the win!

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