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I Just Got Fired!

“Everything happens for a reason.” Isn’t that likely one of the best yet most annoying quotes you’ve ever heard. On one hand you, could have just been handed a big pile of poo; yeah that just happened for a reason. On the other hand, you could have just won the lottery; yeah that just happened for a reason. See the quote right there could be twisted in multiple different directions with a magnitude of meaning behind it. My question to you would be, in the negative sense here, are there things that happened that you could have prevented? Think about that for a minute.

On Wednesday, March 13th, 2019, I got fired for the very first time in my professional career. Yup, you heard it, hot off the press, I JUST GOT FIRED! Of course, my Pops was the first person I called. “Well, I have bad news, but I’m pretty sure it’s a blessing in disguise,” I say. How in the world was I not freaking out at that very moment? Seriously? I’m a single mom of two teenagers, financially supporting them independently. How am I not suffering the worst panic attack yet?

Let me take you back. When I first took this position just about 100 days ago, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I was working at the top of my field, making way more than I could have ever asked for and I was running my own ship. Dream job right, not so much. Little did I know, I would encounter the most challenging leader to date. The woman whom I directly reported to had a vindictive way about her. I felt like a punching bag on most days. Each day started with such in incredible amount of resistance to drive in. Week by week my anxiety and stress got worse. My eyes began twitching, so much you’d think I was high on drugs. I started to experience vertigo in the mornings along with the daily struggle to even rise out of bed. Oh and night time, as us Italians say, “forget aboud it”. Yes, I misspelled that on purpose. I was popping Xanax like it was candy. Thankfully my tolerance to such only allows for nighttime consumption. I knew I was in some serious health trouble.

I kept telling myself repeatedly, ‘just get through these next 16 months Nicole, you can do this’. I was so willing to allow myself the pain, anguish, stress and the potential for some serious health issues all for the sake of a buck. WHY?! What was I so proud of that I couldn’t walk away? I had talked this position and the money that it came with up so much; I literally felt like a failure by sharing how unhappy I was. This was NOT my dream. This was my living nightmare. The minute I acknowledged in my soul that this was not working, I should have purged it all and moved on.

Thankfully, something much higher than me stepped in. See, I know we are always protected. Guardians are with us every minute of the day. And sometimes, even though you may be as strong as a bull, they will sweep in and safeguard you. This is exactly what happened.

My getting fired, most definitely, happened for a reason.

So, what’s the next step? Finding new work isn’t always the easiest. Thankfully our economy appears to be stabilized and well. Work is becoming easier and easier to find. It didn’t take me long to get back on the job hunt. While I told myself, I was going to “take a break” to allow myself to recharge my soul, I was eager to get something lined up. If you find yourself incredibly unsatisfied with your career situation, know that it’s never to late to start over. We typically spend more awake hours at work than you do at home. With that said, I would highly suggest that this time is spent doing something you love, where you are appreciated, where you thrive and are growing. This should not be a time where you are beat down, feel defeated or unhappy.

Here’s what I know now. There are plenty of people, places and connections that can help you on your career path. I know one specific Tribe Member even has her own recruiting firm. Now that’s someone you want on your side. Get that resume updated honey, your dream job just might be waiting for you.

For me, I’m going to do what I promised. I’m going to take a spring break. I’m going to let my mind, body and soul be rejuvenated. And when the time comes, I will be careful and wise in my career choices. I may research a future company a bit deeper to find reviews on the management, company and salary. I will commit to myself that I will not allow money to blind me or hinder me from true success.

It’s never to late my darlings to start living your best life. So go live it.

With Love ~ Nicole

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