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It's a Stretch

Friday mornings are my favorite... not because it’s the undeniable portal for the weekend silly, because it’s my stretching class! A class where we are literally stretched from our hair to our toenails, where we push our flexibility to its current limits, and celebrate the fact that we went farther than last week. It is my reward for a job well done at the gym Monday-Thursday. Today, I pass that reward on to you, as our challenge stretch.

  • Stretching allows us to experience a full range of motion

  • Keeps our muscles flexible and strong

  • Without stretching our muscles become short, tight

  • Tight muscles are easily susceptible to damage

Stretching allows us to enlarge our capacity, adapt as needed,

strengthen our abilities and prevent damage.

According to the American Council on Exercise (I know, who knew there was a council? I just keep picturing the big headed dudes from Green Lantern sitting up in some really tall chairs talking about, “No, this year we choose jumping jacks over burpees.” Ok, it’s a stretch but...stop it, Joey), there are ten reasons why stretching is good for us:

  1. Reduce stress

  2. Alleviate pain and stiffness

  3. Improved health

  4. Enhanced range of motion

  5. Improved function

  6. Reduce injury/damage

  7. Better performance

  8. Improved circulation

  9. Minimize wear and tear

  10. Quality of Life

Imagine that first morning know the one that makes you make noises...and how satisfying it feels to have opened ourselves up, if only just a tad. Now, what if we allowed ourselves to experience that feeling in every area of our life? If we want to see improvements in our lives, reduce damage and stop feeling stagnant...we need to stretch our mind and spirit as well.

Let’s stretch today...and I mean really stretch. Push beyond what is “comfortable” (not too far, we aren’t trying to break anything) and reach beyond your current situation. Who knows? Your next best thing, could be right there, just waiting for you to reach just a little bit farther. For those of us wondering where to start, here are a few quick ideas to help get your brain moving this morning. As she sits here smelling coffee, but too dedicated to her commitment to get up and make her first cup.

Mental Stretching

Emotional Stretching

Spiritual Stretching

Physical Stretching

You are stretching just by participating in this 30 Days to a Better Us Challenge...what might could happen if we got intentional about it? Comment below with your courageous deserve a high five for your efforts today!

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