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Noone Has Nothing To Do

In the spirit of today's challenge, in my head I had planned an exquisite day of exactly that...nothing. Ummm, yeah, no. Cuz, who's got time to sit around and do nothing?! I kept reminding myself of the importance of rest while running hither and yon in the heat of the afternoon. I kept telling myself, "self, just slow it down a bit" as I bustled through the aisles of Walmart like a linebacker in the Superbowl. I whispered to myself, while falling asleep at 1:00am on the couch, "our bodies were meant to rest".

The truth day yesterday, just did NOT allow for nothing-ness. That is until, I starting preparing for this blog and rewatched Day 7-The Power of the Nothing and was immediately transported to a moment...a sheer moment...of blissful nothing-ness. It was just the "nothing" I needed to slow down, pour a glass of wine, bump the Sade and create a memory in the mundane.

I want that for you this morning...give yourself permission to stay in bed just a little longer, to read your book on the hammock outside, to make your sweet tea in the sun instead of the microwave, to take a nap, do some deep breathing, whatever "nothing-ness" your day will allow. You deserve it...and you're gonna need it for tomorrow's visionary challenge. #hintdrop

What did you do with your moment of nothing today?

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1 Comment

Jul 30, 2018

I actually slept in today. I really needed it. The house was quiet, the a/c was kickin' and Bella Donna and I just chilled. This was a sweet treat for me because I typically hit the ground running and believe me, I am still making up for the lost time this evening. But yes, that moment of nothingness was sweet!

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