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Pick Your Hard

Health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, exercise, do this, do that…all words we are familiar with (& can be guilted by) so when Joey asked me to write an article for you on health & wellness, well…initially I wasn’t sure I had anything to say that hasn’t already been said. Then it hit me, a word that has been coming across my path recently, PERMISSION.

Webster defines it as: 1. The act of permitting 2. Formal consent or authorization

I define PERMISSION as:

  • Saying “WAIT” to my anxious children who are ready to road trip to Grandma & Grandpa’s so I can get an upper body workout in.

  • It is allowing my son to prepare his own meal (he is capable) so I can go swim.

  • It is letting the dishes sit so I can fit my cardio workout in (they eventually do get done).

  • It is drawing boundaries for relationships that don’t build me up & getting around those who do. This includes making sure I am talking nice to myself! We can be our own worst enemy!

  • It means making meal planning and prep a priority (This may mean saying no to something else, engaging the family, getting up a little early, paying a kid to help or hiring a personal chef! OK, not the last one for this gal. 😊 Ya gotta dream though!

  • It sometimes means only strength training one set instead of three because that’s the time I have.

  • Carving out time to say YES to something that fills me up (historical fiction & crafting works for me)

  • Choosing STRONG not skinny


I’m giving it to you

It’s Yours

There’s no magic pill, just exercise & healthy eating. It’s HARD to be inactive & it’s HARD to be active. Pick your HARD, you have PERMISSION.

Silver & Fit Instructor

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