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Sisterhood Schmisterhood

Real talk? The majority of women I meet, quickly divulge their distaste for making female friends (once they decide I’m cool people of course). I am sure you have either said it or heard it before, “I don’t really get along with other women.” Have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? I mean if we are supposed to be an empowered gender, lifting one another...then why is our natural propensity to not even like one another? Shouldn’t we be linking arms and taking on this world side-by-side?!

Ok, maybe some of us aren’t that forward with our feelings about other women. Maybe, you are blessed enough to have a select few, your “ride or dies”, your besties. But, let's be real for a minute...when you and your crew are together, are you lifting other women up, or judging their every move? Let’s be honest here. I grew up in the same space of “I just get along better with guys”, and frankly I think when we are younger, that may just be easier. That is a whole different topic for another day; today, we are talking sisters.

Let’s face it, female relationships are not only confusing, they are often a lot of work. I can’t tell you how many classes I have taught over the last few years about our relationships with each other, the way we compare ourselves to one another and the hidden feelings that run deep because of it. Ladies, this is a real issue and one maybe not spoken of often enough or better yet, actually discussed “without a filter”.

We hear about the connection that exists within women’s groups, fellowship groups, small groups, meet-ups, book clubs, art clubs, mommy clubs...but why is that something that women like me, like us, need to participate in? I mean, I have friends but, I have no sisters and grew up surrounded by boys. So, I took to social media with the question “What does sisterhood mean to you and why is it important?” Here are some of the actual comments (as written):

To me, it's love and support. Lifting each other up, laughing together, understanding each other's struggles and helping each other to believe in yourself when you're not feeling so confident. Sisterhood means that you know your girl loves you, the real you, even when you're having a hard time loving yourself. It's always having each other's back, whatever the case. - Daphne

It’s so very important. I have many stories where my sweet sisters in Christ have ministered to me in so many ways from picking me up for coffee to get me out of a nasty home environment to even changing my bandages, helping me get dressed, driving me to doctor’s appointments, and even helping me take showers when I couldn’t hold myself up. They’ve cooked meals, they’ve picked up my boys, they’ve offered their homes for me and my boys when I was scared to go home. They’ve listened to me vent, let me cry on their shoulders, and given me advice that I needed but didn’t want to hear. They’ve given of themselves unselfishly and loved with the love of Christ. Sisterhood is so important. Without it I would not be free from not only bondage but also free to be myself. Sisterhood is sharing the beautiful love Christ shared with us. Sisterhood is not looking at the outside but the inside. Sisterhood is this and so much more. Thank you for sharing this topic. - Lisa

Sister is such a blessing...An intertwining of threads of life and gifts that God has placed In Each individual woman; which is then used to create, a beautiful and new tapestry for His glory! - Diane

The word solidarity comes to mind when I think about sisterhood. Standing in and up for each other. Unconditional acceptance while bonding over the shared path we travel - the good, the bad, and the ugly. A judgment-free relationship where when needed, we get a good kick in the rear or a hug so tight all the pieces are somehow put back together. Sisterhood relationships are most treasured and vulnerable, it's where I hope to give as much as I am generously given. With intention. - Pam

After cross-referencing their answers with my own experiences, I became emotional over the revelation of sisterhood in my own life. Both the honor and blessing of having a sisterhood and the gut-wrenching feeling of isolation that can come over us when it is not present.

Sisterhood is a safe place for:

  • Support

  • Inspiration

  • Celebration

  • Accountability

  • Adventure

  • Comfort

  • Advice

  • Encouragement

**The health of any community can be determined by the health of its women.** If we want to see health in our homes, we need to work on female relationships closest to us. If we want to see peace in our workplace, we need to learn to live above the strife and set an example of strength, humility and above all kindness. Good old fashioned kindness, people, my goodness it’s already tough out there.

We recently completed the annual rounds of “Meet the Teacher”. With children in 5 schools (6 if you count my college student in the Air Force...Go Mikey!), this can really be a long, repetitive, drawn out process. But this year, in the midst of curriculum plans and welcome videos, one thing really stood out to me. It was an 11x17 poster in every single class and hallway of all 5 schools that read...Be Kind. Everyone is Fighting a Battle You Know Nothing About.

It is the effort of our county school board to create awareness and reduce bullying among the students in our district. As a parent who walked through this issue with two children in middle school, I am forever grateful. And again, there are a million ways we could go with this (big BIG hugs to anyone who has ever walked through humiliation at the expense of another) but we are still just talking sisters.

Ladies, we are ALL fighting a fight the world knows nothing about. Some bigger than others, sure, but in the moment they are battle nonetheless. Wouldn’t it be SO much better to know that you weren’t fighting alone...let alone being judged and mocked in the midst of your fight? We are so much stronger when we connect with one another, sharing stores and resources. Each of us bringing something uniquely beautiful (special knowledge, skills, gifts) on this adventure to “learning to lead ourselves better” no matter the circumstances.

Like the stunning tapestry, Diane referred to earlier, our tribe is a welcome space for women from every background. A safe space to encourage one another, hold each other accountable, support one another and fight side by side against a common enemy (depression, poverty, isolation, confusion, etc.)...never one another. Click here to connect with our tribe and start enjoying the sweet benefits of #sisterhood today!

Next Week: Divine Secrets of My YaYa Sisterhood - A Personal Journey

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