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Take the Adventure Challenge

Adventuring atop a USAFB aircraft.

We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this months topic, than celebrating the launch of my NEW ADVENTURE BLOG: Warrior in the Wild. It is where Vikings meets National Lampoons American Vacation OR a pretty accurate story telling of one tough rookie’s (not a typo) aka me, Joey's, outdoor living adventure. I know totally crazy right?! Which is exactly why it is sure to be super fun. Click here to join the caravan and follow this crazy journey as it unfolds…

In the meantime, we are talkin’ ADVENTURE people. In my introductory blog, we discovered that adventure plays a very important role in improving our lives, period. To recap, the 7 major benefits of adventure are: resilience, peace, perception, perspective, reflection, focus and history. You can dive into that a little more here if you like, but right now we are taking a leap...together!

The entire point of The Infuse Project is to inspire and encourage us to take positive action in our lives. So starting today (the first Monday in February), we are guessed it...the Infuse Adventure Challenge!

Now calm down, I’m not asking you to give up carbs, or to read a chapter every day, or even to journal your feelings (ok, maybe a little if you want to win fun stuff), but still...experiencing a new sense of peace in our lives is really as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Make a Decision

  2. Act on it

  3. Celebrate

Each week, we will jump into your inbox with a fun thought or activity for you to execute in your own life. Personalize it to your situation, circumstance or mood even, but promise yourself you will do SOMETHING. It's when we do NOTHING that NOTHING changes.

Soooooooo, with no excuses necessary, this is YOUR adventure! Feeling social? Grab a few friends and take the Infuse Adventure Challenge together OR, better yet, join our tribe and adventure with a gaggle of new, amazing, encouraging and uplifting people who are excited to walk this out with you, right here on your phone, tablet or computer at

All you have to do is: register your email here, pick your challenge and get at it! If you are feeling frisky, share a comment, thought, idea or personal experience on our forum and ENTER TO WIN a super fun adventure bag to be given away on the last Friday Night Live in February.

Ok girls, pack your bags, grab your sunglasses and let’s hit the road....Welcome to the 2019 Infuse Adventure Challenge!

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