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Taking it to the 'hood

There is this sweet little farm (or something) that I pass every time I go to the beach. I’ve noticed it because it always has cute little handmade signs advertising “fresh farm eggs” or “potbelly pigs for sale”. And every time I drive by, I comment, “I wonder what that place is, I have got to stop there.” Then I drive right by, again, and again…and again.

Come on, just stop already!

I bet they have the best orange marmalade this world has ever seen or, they harvest their own honey or better yet, it might be owned by an amazing women with an incredible story that I just HAVE to meet. Why in the world haven’t I stopped? I’ve lived here for almost 18 years!

I’ll tell you why. Because, our world is always spinning so fast around us, we are in too much of a hurry to get where we are going and we forget to enjoy the journey. I bet there is a place you pass every week going somewhere normal, that makes you say, “hmmm, I wonder what that place is”.

It happened to my Aunt Nita and I once. Heading home from a visit to the hospital with my Dad, we passed (out in the middle of the cornfields) of all things, an Alpaca Farm. It tickled us so much we discovered that weekend was, what? Well, National Alpaca Day, of course! We bundled up, gathered my 97 year old Grandmother and went to celebrate the beautiful alpaca population of central Illinois. And in turn, discovered an amazing story of people working together to restore economic sustainability to the local farming community. I will forever be grateful for that experience...and all because of a sign.

I actually did it again today! Driving home from the doctor…a super cute little farm to table market in a cute butt little historic downtown…that I drive right through every single time I pick my kid up from school. And I claim to love shopping local?! I do, I really DO like shopping local, I just haven’t been HERE YET…right?

Isn’t that what we tell ourselves? I love museums, but when was the last time I went to one, or planned a trip to one or even watched Night at the Museum?! If we are trying to bridge the gap between who we are and who we say we are, well don’t we owe it to ourselves, at the very least, to do the things we say we love to do? So, that is our challenge for this week…Take it to the ‘hood!

Daredevil: Go to a museum (or gallery, or theater, or historical exhibit). I am an absolute sucker for stuff like this when I travel. I adore history, exploring culture and how things became what they are, so fascinating. If these walls could talk, so cool. Anyways (uh hem)…every city I visit, I just Google “local museums” and see what comes up. I’ve had amazing experiences this way: exploring old plantations, discovering abandoned factories from the Industrial Revolution, walking the most stunning of old courthouses and having a drink in Al Capone’s final cell (story for another time). Do not let money stand in your way. Many of these things are available to the public for free, only charging for private tours and events. You never know unless you ask. Bottom line, find that thing you say you love to do and GO DO IT!

Trailblazer Take in a free park (concert or event). In Arkansas, there is this most amazing park right under the bridge between Little Rock and North Little Rock (aka Dog Town). I would have passed it a million times until once I took a wrong turn and POOF! Art and music and trails and a playground and places to read and an amphitheater and the best place to share a first kiss right under the bridge. I’ve never spent a dollar there, but I have created priceless memories time and time again…just by taking a wrong turn. What have you yet to explore in your neighborhood? Not sure where to start, just Google “local parks” and see what comes up. Find somewhere you have never been and JUST GO!

Explorer – Visit your local library (or one near you). No matter where I venture, one thing I can generally rely on - the local library IS the hottest place for good wifi. The recognition of this fact has opened up a world to me that even as a huge fan of Sex in the City’s, Carrie Bradshaw, I didn’t understand. There is magic in a place that contains the knowledge of generations, in words, printed and stacked all around you. Talk about, if these walls could talk?! It’s what we used to do BEFORE Google…walk in a library, think of some random topic…anything…then surround yourself with the knowledge of that thing in BOOKS. It is an experience your phone just can not satisfy. Try it!

If you are still wondering how becoming an adventurer could benefit you, click here to discover the seven benefits of adventure. Then read more about each adventure type and jump on board. Oh darling, the #adventure you will have!

Big hugs,

Joey 🌼

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