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The Girl Behind the Smile

Yikes, I have to write about myself. That alone scares the ever loving crap out of me. But here I am, REAL, RAW and HONEST.

On my personal Facebook page, I've been spending the last year, sharing my journey of what you will hear me call "mess of a life" or "messy life". I felt through my words, if I could inspire one person to not be afraid and go after what they wanted, then I was achieving success. Little did I know, that my "Sunday Soul Talk" posts would lead to a following of people, chomping at the bit for the next post. I received many private messages extending thanks for being so raw in such a fake world of social media. Additionally, many shared their own experiences and how I have assisted them in making the best decisions  for them and them alone. 

So who's the girl behind the smile? A woman raised in the corn, moved to a big city at a whim and never stopped wanting to live a life to be proud of. Now don't get me wrong, there were many struggles along the way. Hitting rock bottom, shit maybe even a couple of times, taught me that life isn't just going to hand you roses. You have to plant the seeds, have patience and seek the determination to see them grow. 

I'm a divorcee, twice over. (insert face palm here) Not my proudest moments, but I don't regret one minute. I have two beautiful teenage children who challenge me everyday. I have a beautiful home that I achieved independently and I work my butt off in a male dominated industry, which clearly isn't easy for an outspoken woman who can't even back herself up with a Bachelor's degree. 

I'm a perfectionist, almost to a fault. I'm a stubborn Italian woman who doesn't ever stop fighting for what I want. I may have a slight issue with cursing like a sailor; so I warn you now. I like to think I'm funny at times but serious at most. And in the midst of all this craziness, I have a heart and soul that wants to reach people, to make a difference. I am not a certified, medically trained therapist. I am not a self proclaimed counselor. I am just a simple woman who has been through IT ALL. If I can help you through my struggles, pain, self-doubt; I mean who needs a degree for that.

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