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What Kind of Adventurer are You?

*Some of us - just hear the word adventure and our tails start wagging, we hit google to learn ALL the things and we are mentally crafting an email requesting PTO before the sentence is even finished.

**Some of us - are a bit more trepidatious. We need to hear the entire sentence first. Then and only then, will we begin to mentally measure the possibilities, google some of the things (to confirm and/or deny said thoughts) and waiver on whether the PTO is really worth it before making any sudden moves.

***Others of us - are not necessarily into the whole adventure thing. We are perfectly content with listening to the stories, reading the books, seeing the pictures on social media and saving our PTO for an incase emergency.

So before we jet out on this crazy Infuse Adventure Challenge, pick your adventure personality:


  • Not always social

  • Likes to push the limits

  • Maybe a little rebellious

  • Sometimes reckless, daring or dangerous

  • Thrill-chaser

  • Risk-taker


  • Natural born leader

  • Loves to try new things

  • Not afraid to mix things up a little

  • Likes to manage the details

  • Competitive or Goal-oriented

  • Practical and planning

  • Calculated risk-take


  • Highly independent

  • Intensely curious

  • Usually creative

  • Avid planners - but tend to leave things left undone

  • Free thinkers - not big on “joining”

  • Not big on taking risks

Whether you fit into one of these categories, or all three (like me)...we all need some type of adventure in our life. We were not created to merely exist...we were designed to live, experience life, embrace it, enjoy it, enhance it, play in it, change it if we want to. Adventure is good for us, we need it to grow!

So take the first step...decide which type of adventurer you are, register your email at Infuse and watch for a personalized Adventure Challenge in your inbox each week in February. Celebrate your adventure by logging into the forum and uploading your photos and/or experience and be entered to win our Infuse Adventure Bag!

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